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    Dosbox fails to copy timestamps from source files using copy command.
    The target file has the content duplicated but a timestamp showing the
    current time but not the original "time of last edit".
    This means dosbox cannot be used for "legally accurate" archiving of
    original files.
    How can I overcome this please
    Who do I contact as the authors of dosbox please
    Maybe I can write a "C" routine.
    3000 posts?! You must be some super spammer bot! /jokes
    Have a cookie and a sweetroll for all your help to the community! Without you, I doubt we'd have so many regulars! :D
    Could my account be deleted, I never used it anyway and I don't want my email to be associated to this anymore

    Edit: Thanks for the help
    hi im new to using FRAPS and I was wondering if you could help me, I have read your awesome virtualdub tutorial and I can't manage to decompress this 33.8GIG video. It is only 8 minutes and 54 seconds long from the game Heroes of Newerth and I have no idea how to make it under the 100 MB range can you help me?
    ugh... hi. How is it? Do you ever record Fraps in multichannel? I always record in multichannel, sounds clearer.
    Hey raff,

    Thanks for all the help you've given the community, your tutorials are awesome!

    Does Locked/Unlocked framerate have any influence in image quality? What should I use?
    People who chooses locked seems to get better image quality.

    You said there's no reason to record at 29.97, it should be 30 fps. if I switch to 30 fps on fraps, should I also change my project and CBR WVM profile to 30 fps in Sony Vegas?
    You said "Not YouTube - making a video for a skyrim song that will be shown in a concert with 3 projectors" Skyrim song can be watched on monitor and concert will be crowded so you can't get a good spot to see it.
    I didn't see your post, so I couldn't reply to it.
    The advice given on the other thread didn't seem to work :(
    Ok. From now on I will be quiet. About Format factory. I don't have time and I won't do a Format Factory guide, because this program is very easy to use.
    If you would stop by my only thread and help me with an Issue, Id love it.
    Dear raffriff,
    You have helped me so infinitely much in only 1 post that I definitely owe your profile page a THANK YOU! My Youtube videos now look killer!
    wanted to say thanks for all your hard work on this forum, and the informative guides, tips, tricks, etc. :)
    Hey, you seem like a really helpful and awesome guy, so I was hoping you would be able to help. I'm having a problem where I can't import videos I took in fraps into programs like Avid or WMM. I tried the steps that were in another post you had helped with, but nothing had helped, so I was hoping you might have other ideas as to how to fix this problem. Thank you very much.
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