1. J

    Fraps not picking up sound/audio

    Having a problem with Fraps not recording sound. I've googled for a while and found no solutions that work for me. I've tried alternative video players, fiddling with windows / sound card software settings, and a few other things to no avail. Any help would be much appreciated.
  2. Gritain

    Bad picture with fraps recording

    Sorry, if it is already up here, but to be honest i dont know how to name the problem in my native language, so describing it in english is impossible. So I'm going to post a screenshot of the video which i made using fraps.
  3. T

    Why does this happen when i watch my minecraft video?

    Hey. I just bought a new computer and its really good. I tryed record with fraps. All was going fine until i watched the video with Windows Media Player. When i watched it, there was this white flickering. I think it has something to do with Nvidia, but im not sure. I can't watch the video by...
  4. Thipet

    Fraps does not show the Fps in game and does not reord

    Hello Community im new in this forum, i have following problem, but first a little backstory. A few day ago i started a Youtube Channel named Thipet and i wanted to record the game Paladins. It worked realy fine the first two days, i was able to record and the quality and everything else was...
  5. A

    Fraps videos converted are coming out with, I think, 8-bit color

    I see this isn't as well patronised as it once was (where did everybody go?), but let me try you out anyway. I am converting fraps AVI videos to MP4s and I've been using a program called Xmedia Recode -- which is just a shell around FFMPEG for the grunt work -- but I am finding my output videos...
  6. C

    FRAPS Glitch When Recording Minecraft (I'm Clueless)

    So I have an HP Laptop. I have had it for 4 months, and it has been nothing but good to me. I record Minecraft using FRAPS. During the past week my PC has been going very slow. My first inclination was to update the graphics driver. I did this, but later learned the problem was something else...
  7. FRAPS_Player

    Fraps alternative that still runs under XP?

    Hi, Wondering if there are any fraps alternative that runs under XP and can do multi-channel audio recording. Fraps only does this for VISTA and newer windows, XP is unfortunately stuck with stereo only due to software limitation, according to tech support guy. I have tried DXtory - only does...
  8. X

    Fraps lock framerate

    So, even when I have lock framerate off, Fraps still locks my fps to 30. I've been searching, and all the people that had this problem usually don't get 60+ fps in-game. My problem is that I always get 200+fps in-game, but when I start recording it locks to 30. Thanks for reading my post.
  9. CoolBunny

    Black bars...

    Hey guys! Since I use Fraps, when I record, everything is going just fine but when I want to edit the video with Sony Vegas Pro 13, at the really end when I'm converting the project into a video, I can see black bars each side of the video. I checked! I don't see them while I edit but they...
  10. U

    Problem with AUDIO?

    So I recorded a 30 minute 24GB video, and there's no audio in the video. I made a different test video 4 seconds long and the audio seems to be fine in that one. I didn't change any FRAPS settings, so I don't know why there was no audio in the longer video. Can anyone help me?
  11. D

    Fraps missing chunks of videos

    So I just got Fraps and I tried to do a test. I get it splits videos but im missing huge chunks. I wish I could provide an example. Pretty much, watching the videos it left me with I have one where im doing one thing then it jumps right to me closing the game
  12. E

    Fraps Problem: Recording to an External Hardrive

    So me and my friend are trying to make a gameplay channel and my friend has a Western Digital My Book external hard drive, it holds 1.36 TB. When we record videos and set Fraps to save videos to his normal hard drive, everything is fine. But when we set Fraps to save videos to the My Book, all...
  13. P

    FRAPS Audio Recording not working

    Hello, My headset works for Skype, and people say they can hear me well on Skype, but I am unable to record my voice while recording using FRAPS. Under the Movies tab, I do have "Record External input" checked and it does detect my headset as "Microphone (Realtek High Definition Audio)" which...
  14. Andre Campana

    Fraps Lag And Stuttering, RAID 0 1TB

    I really don't get it with fraps, sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. I have already done 1080p60 recordings on my computer using one hard drive, now that i have two in raid 0, i can't even record 40 fps on 360p? My specs: Core i3 530 2.93GHz(O.C. to 3.6GHz) 8GB of 1333MHz DDR3 RAM A...
  15. S

    Fraps doesn't record when DirectX is aplied...

    So, I play this game called trove. My dad got a monster box of science (win7) lol and Fraps works whith absolutley everything there, BUT! I resently got myself a great win8 computer for around 900 EUR and here Fraps can't do much... I have no idea why but I found one thing: When I changed...
  16. B

    Overlay Flickers Red Then Yellow

    I am trying to record my Chrome browser page. I have the overlay on, and when I press the hotkey it goes from yellow to red and stays at red for like half a second. Then it does back to yellow. There is nothing in the folder either after this little flicker. Thoughts? I do have "Monitor Aero...