1. Gritain

    Bad picture with fraps recording

    Sorry, if it is already up here, but to be honest i dont know how to name the problem in my native language, so describing it in english is impossible. So I'm going to post a screenshot of the video which i made using fraps.
  2. Thipet

    Fraps does not show the Fps in game and does not reord

    Hello Community im new in this forum, i have following problem, but first a little backstory. A few day ago i started a Youtube Channel named Thipet and i wanted to record the game Paladins. It worked realy fine the first two days, i was able to record and the quality and everything else was...
  3. U

    Problem with AUDIO?

    So I recorded a 30 minute 24GB video, and there's no audio in the video. I made a different test video 4 seconds long and the audio seems to be fine in that one. I didn't change any FRAPS settings, so I don't know why there was no audio in the longer video. Can anyone help me?
  4. E

    Fraps Problem: Recording to an External Hardrive

    So me and my friend are trying to make a gameplay channel and my friend has a Western Digital My Book external hard drive, it holds 1.36 TB. When we record videos and set Fraps to save videos to his normal hard drive, everything is fine. But when we set Fraps to save videos to the My Book, all...
  5. P

    Minecraft videos in slow motion when in fullscreen

    So I have been using fraps for a while now and for some random reason it has been putting my Minecraft videos I record into slow motion when I play it back. This problem only happens on Minecraft, In fullscreen. I have tried this on other games and FRAPS works just fine. Any help?