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    How to fix pixelated video

    Hello. I want to edit video (put some additional sounds on top) Everything works perfect, but result is bad. I get pixelated video. I dont know how to fix this issue. I use Movie Studio Platinum 13 Please help :/ Original 656 MB: After edit 721 MB:
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    YouTube Destroys quality no matter what I do

    So I wanted to make a video edit for the game, so first I wanted to find good render settings before I do anything so I found a bunch of render settings that should give "best" results but non of them actually did... So I found this one to be the best out of all that I tried but it's still very...
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    Youtube Bad Video Quality (Render / Encode Settings)

    Hello everyone! I recently finished my first gaming build and am working on a gaming-oriented Youtube channel. I have lurked here and many other forums for a while, tried many proposed fixes but for some reason Youtube keeps degrading my footage severely, I was using Blender for a while and now...