1. P

    How to fix pixelated video

    Hello. I want to edit video (put some additional sounds on top) Everything works perfect, but result is bad. I get pixelated video. I dont know how to fix this issue. I use Movie Studio Platinum 13 Please help :/ Original 656 MB: After edit 721 MB:
  2. K

    Recorded video visibly disappears after recording stops

    Hey folks, I'm new to the world of video capture and after trying out a million other pieces of software which just don't work I found FRAPS and it works great for what I want to capture (fullscreen game footage with audio). Now, I've been using it to record footage of my own game which I...
  3. Gritain

    Bad picture with fraps recording

    Sorry, if it is already up here, but to be honest i dont know how to name the problem in my native language, so describing it in english is impossible. So I'm going to post a screenshot of the video which i made using fraps.