Admist Minecraft Java App - Anyone have Minecraft read

Using fraps, Admist becomes recordable and alongside the Microphone Logitech Webcam I can create videos with my voice. Anyone here have minecraft try it out, it can work well. However, it doesn't work on Windows 7 but only On Windows 8.1 I tried, due to the fact it requries direct3d 9 only works on Windows 8 or 8.1.
yeah it is. However, it is not a mod, but a separate app that requires Minecraft folder .dll and profile to work. On Windows 7 it does not use Direct3D 9 for some reason and therefor Fraps won't record it, but on Windows 8.1 it does. I use fraps in conjunction with Logitech C-920 microphone to record a video with it. It works. In order to use Admist, you have to have Minecraft installed and Java. I use Java X64. Fraps does record it, but only if uses Direct3D or OpenGL. Make sure to have the fraps fps icon off because Admist uses multi-level Direct3D surface and records the FPS inside if. Fraps really is useful, I use it to. I set it at 24 FPS because 1600 X 900 can lag if set fps to high. On my computer Windows 8.1 is faster and more effeinecetn then Windows 7 because of new tech. Windows 8 and 8.1 also fix the CPU problem with more then 1 core/and or multi thread. Windows 7 has issues with multi core that can in some cases actually be slower then single core.