YouTube Alzorath & The Daily Draw

I lurk on these forums a lot (did for several months before signing up), and it really has helped me develop my use of FRAPs as well as explore different avenues of video creation that have been beneficial for me... it's also the first place I look when issues crop up with the video creation on either of my channels.

My Gaming channel, that simply uses my pen-name as its monicker (Alzorath), though mainly LPs and Strategy for "Shadow Era" currently, I am working on producing a gaming history series that encompasses a bit of a passion of mine. Below is an example of one of a series called "Deck Breakdown" where I analyze and give opinions/alteration options/etc. relating to various decks in digital CCGs/TCGs (both common and esoteric)

( Short form/link: Alzorath [Gaming History, Strategy, and LPs] )​

My Art channel that will be utilizing the abilities of FRAPs to perform full-screen captures using the windows Aero functionality (Tested several times, works like a charm, though I don't plan to put up any of the test runs, the plan is to launch in the beginning of June so my channel anniversaries are linked) - This one is simply titled "The Daily Draw", and while at its core it is going to be a "Video Sketchbook", I do have plans for core series there that have a much bigger sociologically/psychologically influenced aspect to them exploring both the visual and mental aspects of life drawing subjects. All I really have for this channel until June though, is the introduction video.

( Short form/link: The Daily Draw [The Living Sketchbook] )​