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You are shockingly talented and articulate as a voice over - not just for your age; I mean, how old is PewDiePie, who can barely speak? Two thoughts -

One, you had a little moment at the start where your laughter got distorted and I was thinking, "Oh no, is this what it's gonna be like? I might not be able to take this," but it was OK after that. Work on your mic technique, basically:
Microphone Technique for Voice Over Talent
For more creative script scenarios, treat the microphone as you would someone’s ear. For a voice over that is intimate, don’t be afraid to move in closer. Getting closer to the microphone will enhance the lower and higher frequencies of your voice, which is perfect for whispery, breathy, romantic or seductive reads. For reads that require projection, such as a shouting car spot or a voice over where you are supposed to sound as though you are calling out from another room, it is best to turn away or increase the distance between you and the microphone
Two, to bring in some viewers, have a title and description that tells exactly what you are going to do - maybe something like 'AntiOmnia's quick start guide to Wynn Craft MMORPG mod for Minecraft' ..? Whatever, but it should be loaded with search terms so people can find you.

Nice job, and keep up the good work.