YouTube Aron's YouTube Channel - Need Sound Feedback

Hello, my name is Aron Times, and I've been a lurker on this site for about three months now. I've learned a lot about Fraps and VirtualDub and YouTube and codecs from the fine folks here at EncodingTalk, especially the moderator, raffriff (your guides are very useful and informative).

Anyway, after making countless test videos, I decided to upload a Let's Play of Command & Conquer: Tiberian Dawn.

Channel Link:
C&C Nod Campaign Playlist:

I'm hoping to get some feedback on the sound volume of my videos. They sound fine on my desktop, though I'm using a Logitech G35 headset with the overall system volume set at 50%; the only exceptions are Fraps and Tiberian Dawn, both set at 20%. I set Fraps at 20% because game sound would otherwise drown out my voice, and TD is set at 20% to keep the FMV volume down. Basically, the ingame volume controls for TD have no effect on the FMV volume, so I reduced TD's volume in the sound mixer and compensated for it by increasing the in game volume.

What I am concerned with is my video volume is much quieter than the volume of most YouTube videos. On my desktop, the YouTube video sounds the same as my raw Fraps video. It sounds really quiet (but still audible) on my laptop speakers, while my friend in Australia said that the video volume was alright on his speakers. I realize that sound volume is a personal choice, and my friend might be okay with low volume, but I want my audience to actually hear my words clearly.

Anyway, as mentioned above, my system volume is at 50% on almost everything. Should I set it to 100% and simply lower the in game sound volume to compensate? Or should I adjust the video volume settings in VirtualDub afterwards? Playing at a high volume makes it hard to hear myself speak, and my voice sounds really awkward when I can't hear myself well (I instinctively lower the volume of my voice when I can't hear myself because I've been trained not to add more noise to a noisy situation).

Thanks in advance for your replies! And feedback!