Best FRAPS performance tips AFAIK

raffriff omg is that a-lot of work on testing and usage. though there is another option in all this as for recording maintenance, it can be completely annoying working with a lagy computer let along a game that is just putting out bad videos. there are 4 solutions to getting smoother frame rates while doing anything.

1. ur video card can't handle what your doing for example i had a dell optiplex 445 and that had a gutless video card. i solved that by getting a pci expanded video card.

2.u don't have enough ram.

3. your virtual memory settings are set to low. when a computer comes from factory it is set a specific amount of virtual memory it is allowed to use. for example my computer was only allowed to use 4325 MB of virtual memory and my computer was noticing that it needed at least 5212 MB of virtual memory to run smoothly. so i allowed to to use that much and i set its maximum caching size to 6424 MB and my computer runs a-lot smoother with fraps and everything.

4. your processor i to slow. a way to solve that is by buying a specified processor for your computer that is pin-less because pinned processors are too sensitive too handle.
Really useful thread, thanks.

I have a question about the Fraps data rate chart in the second post. It's stated as "Highest Expected Fraps Data Rates". To clarify, the chart represents peak values and not averages, right? The chart lists 60 fps, 1920 x 1080 as having a data rate of 118 MB/s with RGB set to 'off'.

I just recorded a 1h:24m:37s duration clip of the Walking Dead games at 1080p 60 fps. The total size was 289 GB. 289 GB / 5077 seconds = ~57 MB/s @ 1080p60, which is half of the 118 MB/s value suggested in the chart. I did see that the Fraps bitrate for games varies depending on the amount of action on the screen, but that difference seems more than that could account for. Has Fraps compression changed since that chart was made?