Bought Fraps, cant enter members area

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  1. So i decided to buy the FRAPS subscription to download the full version however i can't access the members link in the members tab on the website after i did pay and register. And also another funny thing is while i cannot access either the member's area or the suppport link, the buy link is conveniently working just fine. Please help me resolve this problem and thank you for your time.

    To be clear, Ive already been charged for the program, so putting money into paypal wouldnt work for me as I paid with a credit card and my account has already been hit for the game and I dont have the money to buy it twice
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    This is not an official fraps support forum so we can't help with issues regarding this. See this thread for information:

    It's sort of interesting, because the first paragraph of your post is directly quoted from the OP of the thread I've linked. So if you did copy/paste the message, you would have seen how to get Fraps downloaded from the Member's Area. :confused:
  3. Ive sent them emails about five times now with no reply even on two business days. Ill probably be talking to my bank about a chargeback being that Ive paid for something that I cannot now get and they arent even replying to me at all
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    Beepa do not respond within 2 business days so I don't know why you think they do. Spamming them with messages will not help you whatsoever and is more likely to annoy them and may result in them not responding at all.

    They tend to respond as quickly as they can, but it can sometimes be at least a week before you get a reply. Banks won't accept a chargeback because it's not a physical item: however, the payment would have been processed through Paypal so you could raise a dispute through there (although that is only for physical item, not tangible goods like digital downloads).

    You just have to show some patience and wait for beepa to contact you, or you can check the post I linked and ensure you've followed the steps. Make sure you've checked the junk folder of the email account associated with your Paypal, as this is where they will send the confirmation email.

    However, you are not able to purchase a license without having a Paypal account. No paypal means no software, because that is what they are using to process payments. I've tweeted a message to Chris van Graas who may be able to assist or find your messages in their email inbox.

    EDIT: Chris has said he will look into it, so you may receive a response soon. Let us know if you get stuff sorted. :)
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  5. Been a week now . I decided to give it a few to see if I get a reply and nothing. I think FRAPS is dead
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    It can take up to a whole month before they can reply in some cases. Fraps isn't dead, but they're just not very open about stuff. Chris van Graas is already aware of this thread though.

    If you don't want to keep waiting, then maybe try using Shadowplay (if you have an nVidia graphics card) or some other recording tool.

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