Choosing a setup that works for YouTube [Dxtory, Camtasia, Vegas, Codecs]

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  1. Hey guys,

    First of all please bear with me, as I'm new to this topic.

    I'm currently trying to establish a gaming channel on YouTube and started with some DayZ clips that I liked to share with my friends.

    I did this by recording via nVidia Shadowplay and did my editing via Camtasia Studio 8.

    I never was happy with the video quality after uploading on YouTube but after the better part of last week spent on research, apparently that's what comes with the game + YouTube's encoding.

    Now, however, I want to switch over to Dxtory + Lagarith Lossless Encoder/x264vfw because I need multiple audio tracks (Game, mic, comms) and can't afford 1gb/min of space. And here the trouble begins.

    Camtasia only supports one audio track, crashing when I try to load/playback my .avi, so I trialed Sony Vegas (having the possibility to render 60fps is a nice bonus) but this can't even load up the file or butchers my video (glitches everywhere), depending which codec I use.
    Apparently some people don't have this problem but I couldn't figure out what they did differently. I tried using the setup of multiple YouTube tutorials claiming to give you the best quality etc, but none worked well enough.

    Right now I tried so many different things I can't even remember anymore what went wrong exactly and in what way anymore. Either it doesn't even work, or the video is butchered, or I have gargantuan files and miserable video with dropped frames and blocky areas. This is frustrating!

    So yeah, I'd be pretty thankful for any of you guys on input what combination of tools I could use.

    If you want to check out what I did up until now, so you know what I'm talking about, here's some links:

    Sony Vegas, x264vfw:

    Camtasia, can't remember codec:

    PS: While I don't like the quality I get from Camtasia on YouTube (not sure if Vegas can be better once it works correctly) I like working with it a lot more and it's also way cheaper. I don't like the restriction to 30fps however and the thing about crashing with multiple audio tracks is a giant deal breaker.

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