Encoding Fraps videos: solving colorspace issues (wrong color, faded, etc)

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  1. After some fiddling this thread helped me get my colors right on FRAPS :)

    But now I'm having trouble with Xvid compression in VirtualDub: [​IMG]
    The blacks are too bright, so I guess this is a y+?
  2. To follow that up, when I try using H264 for compression (and tell it to keep input color space) it's much better:
    But the compressed version (left) still has some noise, this is most obvious in the bottom black area, that's supposed to be a solid color. You can see the original on the right.
  3. OK, so if your Colors are correct now, try with MPC (Media Player Classic) instead of VLC (just because i don't like VLC :D )

    The Noise ist Part of the Compression I think. If you use CRF for Encoding, maybe choose a lower value for better Quality, but i think the picture looks nearly perfect.
  4. Yeah, wow it is perfect in MPC. I didn't find the CRF changed much so it must be an issue with VLC?

    Glad you mentioned this!

    Still, I'm sort of new and want to make sure I'm not doing anything wrong. Are there any problems with my x264 compression configuration?

    The main thing that helped me was using "Keep input color space"

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