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    OK, thanks. I'll fix it within 24 hours. Meanwhile you can get version, which doesn't use Shell32.
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    Version - the previous problem is fixed (I'm pretty sure), plus there is a scroll bar for the time line.
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    Here's what my frame times look like when recording without "lock framerate" or v-sync:


    Capturing at 30 with 150 on screen. Great. Average FPS is 150, but each second has 30 "slow" (100 fps) frames and about 100 "fast" (180 fps) frames. Not pretty, is it? I wonder what it looks like when you are on the edge between seeing 60 fps on screen and 30.

    ("Edit Info" feature (adding notes to the chart) is fixed in version, along with fixing some minor bugs around the scroll bar)
  4. Hi,

    I'm not really sure but I'm either doing something wrong or if it's bugged with FRAFS but I used it earlier and the readings is off the charts...


    This is with vsync on, should it really be like this? I mean, with vsync it shouldn't be able to pass 60, yet there are lots of spikes and one as high as 740fps(!).
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    That's microstutter. Zoom way in (use the mouse wheel) to see it. It looks like about 50% of your frames are taking 1/60 sec (which is what you want); 25% are taking 1/30 sec (too slow); and the remainder are "runt" (too fast to be useful) frames. All together, they average out to a "perfect" 60 fps.

    Why is it doing this? Not sure, but it could be that the system is not quite able to maintain a solid 60fps. Here's an analogy: suppose you have a city bus line where the buses are supposed to run every 15 minutes. If one bus is running 15 minutes late, that means there will be a 30 minute wait with zero buses and then two buses show up at the same time. That's what I think may be happening when some of your frames are taking too long, due to DirectX's "pre-rendered frames" implementation of vertical sync. This is not "true" vsync or triple buffering in my books (OpenGL does it correctly), but there you go.

    The number of frames to be rendered ahead is set in your GPU control panel under "Maximum pre-rendered frames." Default is three, but try changing it to one - it might help or it might not, but at least display lag is decreased a little bit. Try it and let us know what you find.

    BTW are you running SLI or Crossfire?
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  6. Thanks for your reply!

    Very nice explained :) I actually have it set to 1 already since this is an older game (Need for Speed World) and I noticed that it made it perform better, not by much but a little bit anyway. Nope, I'm running a single GTX 780.

    This game has been like this since somewhere around October last year and I have no idea why. When I was with my old 560Ti I had a rock steady 60fps, never really budged. After that I got a 7970 and the stuttering issues started. I got it to a half decent performance which at least made it somewhat playable with radeon pro simulating a 560Ti. Shortly afterwards I traded it away for a GTX 670, same issues and now with this 780 I got a month ago, just as bad or actually a tad to the worse.
  7. Are there any plans to fix the current major bugs? Specifically:

    1). No way to stop the program from opening a new explorer Window with every instance. No way to graph multiple runs simultaneously, which means two instances *must* be open, minimum.
    2). No way to tell the program which directory to target for data. This makes it doubly annoying to have to keep closing new Explorer windows.
    3). The x-axis graph range up *constantly* whenever the mouse passes over certain areas.
    4). The x-axis data range won't allow any alternate values to actually be set. It continually pops up a Window but insists that graphs always start at 0 and end at the end of the chart area. Hitting "Tab" won't change this.
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    #3 - Annoys me too. I'll take another look at it. I wouldn't call it a "major bug" though; that's a bit harsh.
    #4 - Frame number entry is supported, but times are currently read only. Time does not permit me to install, debug and support an international-aware text-to-time input parser.
    #1, #2 - The default benchmark folder pops up for one important reason - to keep me having to answer a flood of support requests like "where is my benchmark folder?" It fulfills that function beautifully. You are in the 0.1% of users who do not use the default benchmark folder.
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    I can tell you that none of those things you mentioned are "major bugs", that is needlessly harsh. 1)/2) are not bugs, they're just because you changed your benchmark folder (and you really don't need to change it anyway): 3) would be a minor bug that doesn't effect the program (like, it's not causing the program to crash) and 4) would take way too long to implement without bloating the software.

    There wasn't really any need to over-exaggerate any of what you said.
  10. First of all, let me say I'm grateful this tool exists. It's a very useful piece of software. I'm *glad* to have it, and I appreciate you writing it. Part of my #1 was a feature question not a bug, and I should've broken that out separately. But it would be nice if we could at least turn the "Auto Open" benchmark feature *off*. I do not mind editing a config or XML file to do so. I understand that using this test to graph benchmark results is a niche use. I apologize for being rude -- I was frustrated because I was trying to hunt down a specific issue between two different systems and the constant x-axis popup in particular was driving me insane.

    I have used and publicized this tool in my work for ExtremeTech and PC Magazine:
    and here:,2817,2419365,00.asp

    Apologies for my tone earlier. You've created an extremely useful program here.
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    I appreciate your publicizing it, and thanks for understanding. I actually *do* want to hear about your minor annoyances; it helps motivate me to improve the program.

    >But it would be nice if we could at least turn the "Auto Open" benchmark feature *off*. I do not mind editing a config or XML file to do so
    OK I think I can do that ;)

    Wait, you know what, maybe people are smart enough to explore the toolbar and click the first button on the left all by themselves. Next version, I'll just kill the popup and see what happens.

    I really want to do something about #3, but I'm not sure what, yet. Maybe get rid of the poorly-implemented mouse gestures and add old-fashioned toolbar buttons to show/hide the X and Y limit dialogs.
  12. A checkbox or button might work for the "Open benchmark folder." Even if you auto-check it by default. I don't mind turning it off manually if there's a way to do that.

    This application makes it very easy to get a quick look at what kind of behavior a program is exhibiting and whether or not frame pacing updates from AMD have had an impact on the situation as opposed to mucking with Excel tables. That's what makes it great. I will say it would be nice if it could overlay multiple runs beside each other, but I suspect that's one of those features that's actually a lot harder than people think. A program that does it automatically has to then change transparencies, colors, and gradients so that you don't end up with a murky mess.

    The ability to manually adjust the x-axis and y-axis is good. Y-axis in particular, because it lets us drill down to arbitrary blocks. If a game log has a really huge surge in it -- I've got one with a 5500ms peak at one random spot -- it throws off the entire baseline plot. So it's a very useful feature.
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    Bump! Version
    * X and Y axis editors don't pop up until you click the toolbar, or start dragging in the margins
    * Fraps folder won't open automatically - after you disable it in Preferences.
    * Choice of colors - good for online posts comparing different hardware etc
    * More statistics display options, etc
    See new top post for more ^
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  14. This looks fabulous. *scurries off to test*
  15. Hi, very nice tool, but I have got a problem. When I import any frametime.csv, it looks like this:

    Frametimes are much to high. I am using Windows 7 X64.
    I am from germany, sorry for my not perfect english. Maybe here FRAPS formats the frametimes.csv different? Take a look:
    Frame, Time (ms)
        1,    0.000
        2,    18.954
        3,    44.925
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  16. Now I tried it on a different computer with windows 7 x64, same problem.
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    OK, I set my computer's region to Germany and reproduced your problem. I will look at it right away and post a message when a fix is ready. Bench Viewer seems to be reading "18.954 milliseconds" as "18 thousand 954 milliseconds." I thought I had tested for this issue in all previous versions [EDIT but I hadn't]

    Thanks for your report!
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  18. Wow, thank you for the quick reaction!
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  20. I have been testing 0.3.0, apologies for not getting back to this more quickly. It works very well. Thank you!
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