Fraps alternative that still runs under XP?

Discussion in 'Video Recording Hardware & Software' started by FRAPS_Player, Jul 22, 2016.

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    Wondering if there are any fraps alternative that runs under XP and can do multi-channel audio recording. Fraps only does this for VISTA and newer windows, XP is unfortunately stuck with stereo only due to software limitation, according to tech support guy.

    I have tried DXtory - only does stereo; MSI Afterburner - doesn't even have the tab to record videos with(so I'm guessing only VISTA and newer windows can record gameplay via Afterburner?); HyperCAM 2 - only does stereo; OBS - doesn't even install - yes I read the min requirements of 7 and newer but did it anyways :p ; and one other recording software that I just forgot the name of....

    Reason to have multi-channel audio recording is well why not? I have a custom 7.2 surround sound system which I make use of whilst playing movies and games that have support for this many audio channels and thought so if I'm recording some moments, might as well record it along with the channel setup I had to play at the time so it'll sound even better or else playing back those moments won't feel complete... Yes, there are some old games that used surround sound, such as the Gothic series I have just started out on, 15 years too late to the party....hee hee....

    Fraps works wonders with multi-channel recording under windows 7, but I would like it to happen under XP as well. Reason for still using XP, for the old games/programs that simply(or may) refuse(or do run but not as smoothly or as perfect as if it was running on the supported windows it was advertised to work on) to run under 7 even with compatibly modes on. That and true hardware EAX, not emulated or no support option under 7.

    If there are none, ok fair enough I will just give up on multi-channel audio recording under XP then and just put up with stereo...
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    I don't think there will ever be any such program for Windows XP. Rather than sticking with an old operating system, it would be better to upgrade to a newer operating system (Windows 7 Pro is my recommendation if it's not a super powerful PC) and make use of a virtual machine for Windows XP to run games that don't work. I've played a number of old games and they work just fine under Windows 7, so unless they're absolutely ancient (ie pre-1999), I don't see there being much issue (if the game doesn't work, you could use a VM or purchase a digital copy of the game (if it exists) at :)
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    I've already setup a dual-boot system for this purpose, so I'm way ahead of ya!:p The thing with virtual machine is that they don't allow direct hardware access so you won't get the fully fledged system compared to if you did it natively.... otherwise I'd be using it and only have one boot system instead of two!;) That and I've notice so far in windows XP mode under windows 7 is that it's more of a compatibility layer than anything else so you won't be able to play any games on it, save for those really ancient 2D(3D I suppose to as I think there were some in 3D back then) games that you're probably referring to.

    And what about EAX? Those options are greyed out if you play a game that uses it under windows 7....and I somewhat feel sound sounds better with EAX enabled than not. Last I heard was that it is now discontinued and replaced by OpenAL? Or something like that but that's for the new games coming out, so what about EAX on older games? I heard Alchemy is the way but I've tried that and it doesn't work, for me at least, for some reason........:oops::(
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    Oh there's no edit button on my last post?

    Actually I just figured a way to do multi-channel audio recording alongside fraps, well sort of.....seeing how I have Creative's X-Fi Titanium Pro Fatal1ty edition sound card, it comes with creative's own software and driver system and said bundled software allows for multi-channel recordings.....however there is no shortcut button or even an option to set one so tha when I press the key to record via fraps, I obviously also want the audio to be recorded too at the exact same time that video the thing with this is either have the software record before I start fraps, whenever I feel like it of course and then somehow do some video editing and cut out some of the sound before it started and the some sound after it finished recording and then mux them together and then re-encode/compress from raw fraps muxed fraps footage with handbrake and then I guess that's it.....after that you can do whatever you want with it, upload it to youtube or archive it as something to be remembered by.....

    The hard part might be the video editing part which I will explain later in another thread(which is a completely different topic than this so I won't talk about it here)....hahahaha - it's actually harder than it looks! hahaha Or maybe I am using the wrong program that's not for newbies to first try out on? haha

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