Fraps locking games to 30 fps

Discussion in 'FRAPS Help Requests' started by cliffnerd5, May 14, 2011.

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  1. Basic info:
    I have the latest version of fraps.
    I have set the fps settings to 30,60,90,100(normally record at 29.97).
    I have the lock framerate button unchecked.
    I have my games running on my ssd while fraps records onto an extra 2TB drive.

    PC specs:
    amd 955 BE ocd to 3.8ghz
    6870 ocd slightly
    8 gigs of ram
    running at 1920x1200

    When I play any game my fraps locks the in game fps to 30. It happens in black ops, WoW, and even minecraft. I turned settings all the way down in WoW so I was getting 600 fps, turned on fraps, locks at 30. Minecraft I had 300+, turned on fraps, locks at 30. Same with black ops. Not sure if this is a fraps problem or my system but I have tried what feels like every setting imaginable and have no clue how to solve this problem. It's no big deal in WoW but in black ops, playing with 30 fps is unbearable for me.

    Please help me :confused:
  2. New discovery:

    If I unmaximize minecraft so it is at its default size. The fps locks at 90 while recording at 30. Tried making the windows in other games smaller but they remained locked at 30.
  3. That is typical. Not to brag, but I have a very high-end PC, and I get 300+ in Minecraft. If I record, though, I also get locked into 30fps in that game. FPS in Minecraft is very unstable, so as far as Fraps is aware, your computer is not capable of keeping a consistent 60 or 90fps (even if it really is capable of holding 60 or 90 while recording), causing it to lock onto 30fps.

    The reason it goes to 90 at the default size is because the default size has a much lower resolution, which means less strain on everything, so it can maintain a higher FPS.
  4. How do you FORCE Fraps to NOT lock at 30 just because it dips 10-20 frames below 60?
  5. the 2tb drive is internal isnt it?
  6. Where do you see 2tb ? I was wondering if you guys have any idea how I can stop fraps from locking framerate at 30 even though vsync is off in game and on fraps. It plays fine around 55-60 while recording at 30 but as soon as it reaches below 50 it locks to 30! wtf ?
  7. sry i was reading the original post lol
  8. I am having this SAME problem.

    I have the latest for FRAPS and Video card drivers. I have only tried fraps on two games so far. Tribes NEXT and Terraria. They do they same thing. I will be getting 150 FPS - 300 FPS and when i start recording my FPS will plumit to 30.

    Here is the weird thing though:

    If I start recording while looking at my feet in Tribe NEXT (or a wall) so my frames stay a constant 300+ and dont dip down. Once I start recording they plumit to 60FPS. Which would be an acceptable number. But as soon as I look up at the action my FPS drop to 30 and lock there. This isnt a slow computer problem. I am recording to a different internal HDD also.

    This has to be a bug. Any workarounds?

    My PC specs:

    AMD 5870
    CPU I7
    8GB RAM
    2 HDDS
  9. BTW: It is LOCKING to 30FPS. It doesnt fluctuate from 30FPS.
  10. Get DXtory instead. I was able to play 60+ while recording at 1080p 30fps FULL QUALITY. and without recording It played at ~90. Battlefield BC2 is the game I was playing by the way.
  11. I am having exact same problem as the the 1st post says.

    Playing game AVA on gtx 560 ti sli mode witch is i am getting max fps 200
    When i play my game AVA lowest spec i get 200 and both my cards running below 40% usage.
    When i play at highest setting specs i still get 200 fps and both my cards running below 60% usage.
    When i start recording with FPS(30 fps capture) my fps drops from 200 to 60 and locks downs the thing is my BOTH CARDs running from 40% to 25% when fps dropped to 60 or sometimes to 30.
    When i start recording max setting in game with FPS(25 fps capture) my fps drops to 60 or even to 25 and Both GPUs usage is below 40%

    Here is example on my medium setting: Without Fraps:
    With Fraps:

    PS: yes i tried to record on single GPU and it still does the same just locks at 60 or at 30 no matter what setting and GPU usage drops as well
    Also tried affinity 1 or 2 cores on Fraps.

    PC spec:
    AMD phenom ii 6 3.8ghz
    Gtx 560 ti SLI mode
    8 gig ram
    Separate HDD 500 GB Cache 64 7200rpm
    resolution 1280x1024
  12. Isnt it good to make option like we can choose where we want it to limit lock down the frames while recording? Example I want to lock frames to from 2xx or 1xx to 60, 90 fps and the rest of frames are going for fraps. So let say i have 200 fps and i want to lock down to 100, then i choose in option lock to limit to 90 and the rest 110 fps will be available for fraps.
  13. raffriff

    raffriff Moderator Staff Member Site Contributor

    @unt0pble - well you're doing everything right by my way of thinking, except you didn't mention your HDD benchmark. Maybe your HDD is too full or needs defragging? I know, not likely, but I had to ask.
  14. Yes i did benchmark on Friday and it's 110+mb/s read and write. 60 fps is not playable for me at all( it's feels like my mouse so much slower), it's like having fps lags and in css my fps drops from 300 to 60 or 30 as well.

    The reason i bought another video card is so i could Frap peacefully.... Grrr
  15. raffriff

    raffriff Moderator Staff Member Site Contributor

    You mention max fps, but it's min fps that matters.

    I just did some checking, on some easier sources (3DMark01) because I'm on a laptop (core 2 duo / 8600M GT / single HDD 85 MB/s), but anyway here's 3 sample scenes:

    On screen fps
    Fraps off :: Fraps on @ 30fps, 1024x768, half-size
    ~250 :: 60
    ~290 :: 90
    ~1200 :: 90

    This shows what I call the 'threshold' effect: when the Fraps-off fps went from 250 to 290, the Fraps-on fps jumped from 60 to 90. (the value of the threshold depends in the system and the particular game) The last test probably couldn't get any better than 90 fps because there was some other bottleneck in my system. Looking at that video I see I was dropping frames, so something was overloaded.

    EDIT - MSI Afterburner test:
    On screen fps
    AB off :: AB on @ 30fps, 1024x768, half-size
    ~250 :: ~100
    ~1200 :: ~100

    ...then capture stopped working. I think my 2.2.1 beta 6 expired - time to get beta 8!
    (EDIT - beta 8 capture still not working; don't know why)
    (EDIT - installed v2.1.0; worked twice, then quit)

    Anyway, no dropped frames this time.
    My framerate is still capped about where it was (100 more or less, vs. 90)
    There's no 'threshold' effect with AB because it doesn't sync on-screen and recorded frame rates.

    EDIT - Dxtory test:
    On screen fps
    DX off :: DX on @ 30fps, 1024x768, full-size
    ~250 :: ~240
    ~290 :: ~270
    ~1200 :: ~600
    Had a few dropped frames, not too bad.
    File size (Dxtory codec, YUV24, compression enabled) is about equal to Fraps with RGB on.
    Files are compatible w/ VirtualDub, Premiere, and Media Player Classic.
    Ran into a glitch: screen freezes after exiting 3DMark; have to suspend/resume to recover; then, have to manually restore normal screen resolution. Will have to see how real games behave.
  16. @raffriff- You did some testing with old 3dmarks and you did that to proof that we cant do anything to record while we want to lock the frames to our own limits?
    Because it's kinda wayyy too much fps drops for Fraps(why fraps just dont take 30 fps instead of 60+ or 100+) And Dxtory is seems to recording the way i want to Fraps to do but i dont think Dxtory can match the quality of fraps. >.<
  17. raffriff

    raffriff Moderator Staff Member Site Contributor

    Not proving anything. Just demonstrating what's happening. EDIT - also showing how you might be close to getting 90 fps with a little tweaking.

    Yeah. It's the way Fraps is designed. I have no idea how old the design is, but it's pretty old. (version 2.2.0 = June 2004)

    Well I do. Fraps and Dxtory both have lossless codecs.

    Whether DX is as stable as Fraps is another question. Also whether it supports all the hardware & software that Fraps does. (that's the positive side of being an old program)

    BTW, it's Afterburner that has a slight quality issue, unless you record uncompressed.
  18. raffriff

    raffriff Moderator Staff Member Site Contributor

    Wow, just noticed this -
    . . . . . . . .

    EDIT - they did somethin' -- the on screen fps is much better now

    On screen fps
    Fraps off :: Fraps on @ 30fps, 1024x768, half-size
    ~120 :: 60 [used to get 30]
    ~230 :: ~90 [used to get 60]

    Fraps off :: Fraps on @ 30fps, 1280x720, full-size
    ~250-350 :: 90 [used to get 60]

    Fraps off :: Fraps on @ 30fps, 1920x1080, full-size
    ~180 :: 30 [no change; OK, no miracles]

    Fraps off :: Fraps on @ 30fps, 1920x1080, half-size
    ~180 :: 30 [same result @ half size?]

    ...seems there's life in the old dog yet. :cool: :cool: :cool:

    . . . . . . . .

    Anybody interested is invited to do some tests like this on their own & post the results. I'd like to see what the numbers are for more capable systems. Find some sample scenes with fairly stable & repeatable frame rates.
  19. Tried to download Dxtory trial and it's doesn't work for me at all. Every setting i did was correctly for default settings and any game i try to run such as Black Ops, Css, Metro 2033 the frames just don't show up on my screen which means it's doesnt work >.<!
  20. raffriff

    raffriff Moderator Staff Member Site Contributor

    So update your Fraps dude, right now
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