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Discussion in 'Video Encoding' started by raffriff, Jan 3, 2012.

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  2. I am reading all this, trying all this and my videos still looks like poo... The only thing I haven't tried yet is up-scaling.

    Can someone please recommend me what settings should I use? I play my games @ 1080 and record in same resolution. I compress them in virtualdub with the settings from the first page but the file is extra large and my internet connection sucks... But even with the highest settings it feels wrong...

    This guy has a really nice quality and without any upscaling. I know that he uses some sharpening though.

    and this is my video using the settings from the 1st post (ignore last video, it looks like a disaster no idea why... choppy artifacts etc. Testing all available settings...).

    I am using lagarith loseless codec and recording my native resolutio nwhich is 1080.

    After reading latest posts I was thinking about trying out lower fps (share more bitrate per frame) but it doesn't make sense for fast paced games (racing, fps etc.)

    Any suggestions guys?
  3. EDIT (sry I couldn't edit my older post, no idea why...):

    At first I was doing 720p videos only but I was never happy with the quality, I thought it was because I was playing at 1080p and later converting to 720p but it looks like it is not the case... So maybe I should go back to 720p try more fps or something? If you guys have suggestions to settings, please I would love to hear them. I will upload new videos testing these settings.
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    Just record @ 1080p50 if you have the ability to do so with your system and you'll get better quality automatically. Lowering frame rate is insane for any gamer now that YouTube supports 48/50/60 fps playback and upscaling should be an absolute last resort.
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  5. Can you tell me your settings please?
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    I don't use VirtualDub or the Lagarith Codec so I can't give you any settings :D
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    I don't see any problem. The two videos look about the same to me - as good as YT ever gets. I liked the depth-of-field (blurred background) in yours.

    I see your frame rate has been converted. Try to upload at the same framerate you captured at, whether that's 25, 30, 50 or 60.
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  8. Raffriff,

    First of all I would like to thank you for all the work you have put in your guides.

    I have my software set to record @ 30fps and I render video at the same fps.

    I record only replays because I hate even the slightest drops in performance while I am playing. I don't have my fps locked in the game but I have set the program to record only @ 30fps and later in virtual dub it is set to "no change" during the render.

    I am a little confused now with what you said about converted fps :)
  9. I don't understand this, what do I do with that x264vfw? How can I use that?
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    If you don't understand the guide, then simply use a video editor instead of command line scripts like this.
  11. I've managed to do what your guide says, but the quality of my video is still bad :( It's flawless on my computer, but as soon as I upload it to YouTube it gets blurry and pixelated.
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    Note: this isn't my guide. ;)

    And YouTube has changed their encoding systems many times since this thread was posted. You may find it more appropriate to look up another guide on the forums. However, @raffriff might see this and give some improved tips based on this guide.
  13. I've some troubles actually with their encoding system.
    I'm rendering my videos in 1440p60FPS with AVC/AAC MainConcept 50 Mbp/s constant bitrate, the renderer file is excellent and the quality is really nice, sadly i've uploaded a sample for the Witcher 3 yesterday with this settings and the quality is horrible and i haven't the 1440p60FPS settings showed up.
    I have others video with exactly the same settings uploaded this month and they are showed in1440p60FPS with great quality : exemple
    The Witcher 3 with horrible quality (the video is extremely dark after uploading and not in 1440p60fps)
    One video renderred with same settings and upload showed with great quality and 1440p60fps
    Any idea because this thing make me mad! F*ck YT!
  14. @QualQuek : both your videos are now at 1440p and 60 FPS for me, the dark video is probably something you overlooked during the encoding, hard to say like this without more infos.

    I am doing some testing with 1440p and 60 fps videos and it seems that it can take a while to convert to the higher standards, 3 days and sometimes more to finally have the 1440p 60 fps available.
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    I've heard reports that 1080p60 can result in non-smooth output. Think of how bad that's gonna be for anything above 1080p60: you are probably going to get unwatchable content. 1080p60 is more than enough for most games: if it isn't, either the graphics are too high or your rendering videos with unreasonable bitrates.
  16. I don't see that...there is no 1440p60fps.

    I have a 1440p monitor, i record at this settings and rendering at this settings with 50 Mbp/s birate. you mean that renreding with a lower bitrate can did the trick?
  17. I don't know if it will work well in all browsers or all PC's but for me the only limiting factor is due to the net speed, the 1060p@60FPS aren't a problem, they are really smooth and don't need buffering at all , above at 1440p@60fps or 2160p@60fps due to my net speed i need to launch and pause and let them buffer a bit before starting them but the playback will be really smooth then, like watching a MP4 on a videoplayer, no differences at all, smooth like butter.

    The problem of 1080p60fps in youtube and the low bitrate it gets is with games having a lot of details and even more problematic if it's fast paced games with a lot of action on the screen, the result will be a blocky and blurry mess at 1080p60FPS.

    For some games having less little details or colors displayed on screen and more slow paced it might get out really nicely at 1080p60fps but for the games i use or used to play the only way to get an acceptable quality was to trigger the 1440p30fps encoding bitrate, now with the 1440p60fps getting more democratized it will be perfect for me, the best of the 2 worlds.

    Not all will be able to profit of it maybe and the lower resolutions options will still be there anyways, even myself when i watch some videos having 1440p or 2160p options available i will not always take the time to let them buffer for 3 minutes and watch them at 1080p only , it depends of the content, but if the video is worth it or if i want to see how detailed is a game i will watch in the highest possible resolution and take the time to get them buffer a bit at start, the difference of quality in the rendering is really worth it.
  18. I have optical fiber connexion that's not a matter for me but i was thinking that YouTube will let people select the quality they want when they're looking to a video, 720/1080 or 1440
    Actually the matter is that we ahve no idea how YT do for taking 1440p60FPS videos, of course if i render my videos in30 FPS i have the 1440p option so there is somethinbg that cause YT to not show the 1440p60FPS.
    Anyway Thalmor Wizard if the matter was from my side i wouldn't have any 1440p60FPS in all my videos, and actually some have it some not that why i've asked here.
    Sadly no one seems to know...
  19. I just checked and the video is not in 1440p indeed, don't know what happened when i thought it was, usually having more than one tab opened in the browser so maybe the autoplay thing in youtube launched another one or i mixed up something, i don't know what happened to believe it was, sorry :/

    As for triggering the 1440p@60FPS, i had some of my test videos rendered in 1440p60fps and now the last ones uploaded are still at 180p60fps after 3 days, they are slowly adding those higher resolutions but it doesn't seems to be automatic for now, i re-uploaded some videos i had rendered in youtube in 1440p60fps but now they render at 1080p only, why some are allowed to have 1440p60fps and others not while it is the same videos i don't know ...

    I tried to search more infos on this but it's hard to get some answers when it comes to google products, as always ... We can only hope for this to come back quickly i guess.
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    I guess it was a bug or mistake in the processing of the video. The videos with 1440p60 may have been uploaded and published during that bug, I suspected it would be an error and must have been fixed by YT when it was noticed.

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