Fraps to YouTube with H.264

I guess it was a bug or mistake in the processing of the video. The videos with 1440p60 may have been uploaded and published during that bug, I suspected it would be an error and must have been fixed by YT when it was noticed.
If it's bug why sometimes the option appear the disapear, i can see some of my videos in 1440p60FPS and sometimes those same videos hevn't anymore this feature...WTF YT is doing with that many people are complaigning about that on they support forum and no one never answered it officially...
They are probably testing the impact on the servers loads by allowing the 1440p and 2160p @60 FPS encoding during let's say 8 hours for all videos supporting it, then they stop and take the time analyze the data collected to see the impact it can have in terms of servers CPU's load as there is probably a big difference with the 1080p60fps in terms of encoding times, storage consumption etc etc to get some statistics about what to expect later if they release this as a standard available for all or adjusting the bitrates to get less load on servers.

For sure it's not a bug as there is now plenty of videos with those resolutions and framerates, they are allowed to be encoded from tiems to times, it's not only a thing that happened once, it is spreading but still in testing phases i guess.

As for getting answers from them about what is going on , good luck with that, it always have been like this for youtube, they just do them things this way.
All the videos i send since 3 days get the 1440p@60FPS now, hope it will stay this time, maybe the testing phases are over or maybe it's another one at a larger scale this time, time will tell.