Fraps videos corrupted?

Hello all, I recently got back into using fraps after...boy, years since I last touched it. I've run into a few problems, but one I can't seem to get around is that my videos are oddly corrupted. The video seems to be intact, but every 10 to 20 seconds the video will come up with an error, on all platforms. But if I skip ahead one second, the video is fine. Naturally, this makes editing the video impossible, since it won't load properly.

So my question is, what is causing this, and how do I fix it?

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There could be many reasons for corruption in a video. Unfortunately, many of the so-called "video repair" programs do nothing whatsoever to repair corrupted files and will just make the problem worse. If it's not a long video / recording session, I recommend re-recording the section.

What GPU is present on your system? If it's an nVidia chipset with the latest drivers (or at least newer than 330.x drivers), I wholly recommend you to ditch Fraps and use Shadowplay instead. It's an on-board video capture tool with no performance hit and produces quality close to that of Fraps. I discovered Shadowplay and abandoned Fraps due to its power.

To give an idea, I could never record 1080p60 with Fraps, having to either record at 50fps or lower. I no longer have this issue with Shadowplay, being able to record 1080p60 flawlessly. If you have an AMD card, then you won't have access to this tool :/
I've got a Radeon R7 360, and sadly the video that's being recorded is live commentary, so no real way to re-record it.

Honestly, I'm thinking switching off Fraps and onto something else might be in order. Any recommendations?

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@gigaus Dxtory might be a software to try out. It allows you to select whatever codecs you want: a popular codec is the Lagarith Lossless Codec. Be warned if you choose to go for Dxtory: there is essentially no official support for it and you would be completely on your own and reliant on help from other Dxtory users via YouTube, Twitter etc.


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@gigaus I use Dxtory a lot and I would highly reccomend that you purchase yourself a licence for the program. I can give you a screenshot of my video tab and a link to the codec which I use.
The codec which I use gives me little to no performance hit with high quality on the video.
Codec Link:
If you need help with Dxtory or downloading the codec then I will be able to assist you. I will not give links to download Dxtory for free though.