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    This is a comparison of Fraps and MSI Afterburner's Video Capture feature. Watch it fullscreen at 1080p! I tried to match up the footage as closely as possible for this comparison, but had some stuttering problems with Afterburner which caused it to break off at times. Both were set to record at 30fps. No sound, as Afterburner can't record sound anyway.
    • The software versions used were Fraps 3.4.6, and MSI Afterburner 2.1.0
    • The Fraps file came in at 2.3 GB, while the MSI Afterburner was 471 MB
    • Afterburner's Quality setting was at 85 percent, using MJPG compression, and Frame Size was set to full frame.
    • Fraps has no quality setting other than its default, or Lossless.

    I have some thoughts on the footage:
    1. The stuttering with MSI Afterburner is annoying, and I am not sure what was causing it.
    2. The colors seem slightly more washed out with Afterburner, at least to me
    3. I should have probably picked a more colorful setting with heavy symmetry to give a better comparison of the two softwares. I'll be thinking of other options to use for this comparison.
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    Nice split-screen demo, admin!

    The stuttering seems to be a consequence of the algorithm Afterburner uses...
    time-based sampling (to nearest available GPU frame) vs. Fraps frame-based sampling...
    This has its pluses and minuses (and should be a user option in Fraps)
    It seems stuttering is worse when GPU framerate is less than about 2x capture framerate

    - The RTV1 codec is fast, looks terrible
    - use MJPEG @ 95%-100% quality

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