Fraps wont record a certain game..

Hi, so I use fraps as my go to recording software. I never had any issues in the past with this recording software, not one issue at all. But it has decided to not show the fps counter nor record the number one game I play every day, but when I open any other game, it decides to be fully functional with the other games. I don't understand why my luck is so outta hand. The one game I play will not record?? Please help im really upset :'(


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We recommend to use something other than FRAPS as it is very outdated and doesn't seem to be getting an update anytime soon.

If you have a supported NVIDIA GeForce GTX Graphics card (GTX 660 and up) you can use a feature built into the GeForce Experience program called "GeForce Share", this is a great recording software with minimal performance hit. You can find how to enable it by searching on YouTube for a guide if necessary.

You can also try "OBS Studio", this is also an amazing piece of software which has many features. It can be configured in anyway you like. The link to download is . There is many tutorials and guides on YouTube to find which settings would be best for your situation (PC specs, recording frame rate, recording resolution. It can also record multiple audio tracks if that is something which would interest you.