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Discussion in 'Video Channels' started by noob622, Feb 10, 2013.

  1. So, started up a new Gameplay channel and playlist. Always wanted to do this, and now that I have FRAPs I can. I play random games, as voted by the roulette wheel. Check it out and Subscribe. Thanks.

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    Been watching your videos, that way of picking games is a really good idea.
    Since you just started your channel, I advise you to check the forum to get higher quality in your videos and to remove those blacks bars. I'm sure you could get higher quality with the same or even less file size you getting right now.
    Keep the good work :)
  3. Thanks,will do.
  4. brace yourselves,

    Metal Gear and Crysis3 are comming out tomorrow
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  5. Diogo

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    Hell Yeh!

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