How FRAPS and other FPS counter work?

Can you explain to me how FRAPS and similar software work to get the FPS of a game window?

I mean, i tried many VNC software (for game streaming from one PC to another) and FRAPS (OBS Studio project and so on) appears to work only on Splashtop and Steam streams but doesn't work at all on majority of VNC software streams.

I talked to some developers of those VNC software and they don't know why their software can't be target by FRAPS (and other FPS counters). So, can you guys tell me what is missing so they can make it work with their softwares like Splashtop and Steam streams?



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It is my understanding that it can hook into any Direct3d driven window so it depends on how VNC is rendering the content. That being said, you *should* be able to target a specific window with OBS and record any displayed content within that window.
Thanks ETAdmin! I really appreciate your help!
That directx thing was what I thought, but I was not sure. Thanks for clarifying. I already tried using the OBS, it really can record any window, but in this mode it can not capture the FPS...