How to do slomo in Blender or FFMPEG? And maybe some other question(s) too...

Discussion in 'Video Encoding' started by FRAPS_Player, Jan 10, 2017.

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    I'm.....yeah...I just started with the video editing scene, rendering and encoding via handbrake for my fraps footages doesn't really count as video editing because I'm not adding all those cool effects you see on youtube videos! :p

    So I recorded a video on my phone and would like to add a slomo section to it, specifically the section where I want it to be in....has anyone that has used Blender or FFMPEG done slomo before? I've gone and read through this: and I was like ok, so tried it and I don't know if it worked or not......which comes to the next issue I have with it - how the hell do I save the edited video to MP4 or MKV or whatever container I wish?

    Ok so I know I"ve already googled how to save videos in Blender, but a video tutorial from a sample slomo effect to saving the video in MP4 or what have you and then replaying said edited file to see it working.

    That's Blender, now I thought Blender is actually harder than it looks, so looked for other methods and apparently ffmpeg can also do this but I tried and ended up with some error code; here's a picture: and so it would appear video editing is much harder overal than it looks!

    As for some other anyone tried My MP4Box GUI? I used that the cut out the section of video I recorded on my phone, however some of the files I split, they apparently become unreadable(the thumbnails doesn't load either) in windows media player.....what's causing this? I don't understand, did I not do the splitting correctly? Is there a preliminary step I need to do BEFORE splitting a section out via that program? Here's a screenshot for illustration:

    Ok, that's all for now; hope I posted in the right section! ☺ Oh and Happy New Year everyone; 10 days late but who cares - better late than never!
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  3. Thalmor Wizard

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    It's very unlikely that you'll get a response to that here. Most people either live stream their content without editing, or just record simplistically in OBS Studio (again without editing). Usage of CLI things like this is very rare nowadays due to advances in the programs available.
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    Oh....I thought you guys do some of that here too so that's why I asked......I guess not this is mainly for encoding fraps footage to a more compressed format for archival or youtube purposes then such as fraps to handbrake and done, that's it....well in that case...which forum do you suggest I post this in or refer this to then if I don't want to retype everything?

    Ok, so what advances in what programs are available? Are you suggesting there's a GUI and a more newb friendlier equivalent of FFMPEG and Blender?
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    Well I've never used blender. Most people just use OBS Studio to record their footage and maybe run it through a basic video editor, but with live streaming and the larger availability of faster upload speeds, people don't really do editing any more. Certainly for me, I no longer edit anything at all and if I do edit, it's just a quick snip on YouTube's end, not in a video editor.
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    Well I use fraps, unless OBS has something fraps doesn't already have that I wouldn't mind having...

    Hahaha, "larger availability of faster upload speeds" - My 72KB/s upload speed would like to have a word with you. Also I am stuck at this speed and there are no possible upgrades unless I move to a different place that has better internet connection....I'll be darn if I even find one with better than that upload speed for my next home..... You're very lucky if you are able to just upload directly the original recorded footage without using a program like handbrake to compress it down further so that you don't have to wait too long to upload it. If I were to go straight from fraps to youtube, I would wait at least a couple of days just to upload maybe a minute or two, or even less than that, of game footage! And even then, what if my net drops out? Do I need to start again? Or does youtube have an error correction/upload resume capability so in the case of a drop out, I *don't* have to start again from square one?

    But game footage is not really what I came to ask about; but rather a phone footage I caught on my phone that I would like to edit....hmmm, perhaps I should try this thread then?
  7. Thalmor Wizard

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    It has a much simpler interface, and you have a lot more control over the recording files (ie, bitrate, codec etc): it's also the best suited for something like the Blue Snowball, whereas Fraps/Shadowplay are best used for headset microphones (if you have technical know how, you can make the snowball work, but requires a lot of fiddling with audio settings).

    Fraps is just ancient software which is no longer fit for purpose and I don't recommend it to anyone). With the codec and configuration I'm using for OBS Studio, an hour stream (for something like Skyrim) is only about 10GB. Whereas Fraps would be into the hundreds of GBs for that with its lossless recording formats. Consider looking into it, or Shadowplay if you want something even simpler ;)

    I still use Handbrake, but it's just to get them into separate parts from a single stream recording.

    YouTube has had a resumable uploads feature for years now. As long as you don't delete the video on YouTube's side and restart it within a 24 hour period of cancelling, it'll just continue from where it left off. I used that to my advantage before when I had rubbish upload speeds.

    You could try there. Another way would be to connect your phone to your PC and just copy/paste the file to your computer.
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    What's a Blue Snowball?

    Yeah well thats because fraps records with a much higher bitrate than others...... I've already tried ShadowPlay, and the last time I did, it did not support surround sound recording...only stereo....that and you only have limited choice on fps values, 30 and 60 are the only two choices if I remember....what if I want to record at 45? What about 10 even? Hahaha Or 120? Other than that, it needs to record at a *slightly* higher bitrate to not see any noticeable pixelization and then ShadowPlay would be then my go to recording software! Of course I would also require a nvidia card, so if I go with AMD....ShadowPlay won't work.....or does it? No ShadowPlay is nvida only program I believe.

    As for OBS....I'll look into it further.....thanks for the suggestion and comparison! ☺

    Doesn't OBS have an option to split every 4GB? Fraps if you want it be done in seperate parts, that has it....but it's not customizable, so you can't say split it every 30 minutes or every 2GB or something.....

    Great, nice to know! :D

    Yeah I will try there....have to wait 5 days before posting......pretty lame....hahaha

    I've already moved the file from my phone to my PC.....I just need/want a way to split it up into the section I want slomo'd.......but seems to be a pain because no one here knows how to do it, and I need it for an RMA....for evidence that it still exists....even asked various other forums and no response....except that doom9 place as I can't until 5 days as pass.......Either no one has any idea how or why it's not working for me or they don't want to response...... :confused:

    Maybe there's a GUI program that can slomo any video without transcoding it to seomthing else or re-compressing it to something else?:oops::confused::(
  9. Thalmor Wizard

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    It's a microphone very popular amongst streamers:

    True, but you can get the same quality without using such high bitrates now. Technology and compressions algorithm's have improved since the days of Fraps ;)

    No it doesn't, but it's not like OBS generates huge files like Fraps and as I said, most recordings I do with OBS never get higher than 15GB. Splitting in Fraps was needed purely because most video editors choked on the huge bitrates and file sizes of Fraps files, but that's not needed in OBS because most record around the 20mbps bitrate mark.
  10. FRAPS_Player

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    Oh, it's a microphone, and apparently a decent one at that too....though it uses USB connection rather than the usual 3.5mm phone connection......ok well I wouldn't have have known anyways as I'm no streamer and the mics on the headset is good enough for me. Though I did wonder what if I wasn't wearing my headset and using my external speakers yet still wanting to use my voice to get something through rather than typing and getting killed from it? Well that idea I never really dwelled on much and sorta ignored it then......until now that you've mentioned that Blue Snowglobe........hah, is there a non-USB interface one similar to that? :p So 3.5mm phone connection so I don't have to fiddle around with fraps to get it working? :p

    Ohh, is that why this forum got renamed to encoding talk rather than keeping the original name? Or was that for some other reason?

    ok, so I finally got around to breif testing and comparing qualities between OBS's lossless mode and fraps RGB lossless mode; so far I have discovered that OBS lossless encoded files does not display video(but audio is played) when playback on windows media player but fraps one does - does OBS no provide an external codec to decode its own video codec like fraps does so it can be played back on any player regardless if they have a compatible decoder to read it or not? I've also discovered the preview screen on OBS is still shown as *Black* coloured for some reason......? And yes, indeed OBS's lossless encode produces a smaller file size than that of fraps of similar recording times.
  11. Thalmor Wizard

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    3.5mm microphone jacks are very uncommon and they're not as good or resilient compared to USB. I recommend getting a USB microphone.

    We renamed the forum years ago, mainly because we wanted to get out of being "just a fraps forum", as much of our content applies to non-Fraps users.

    It should do, you might have to use VLC player. I did indeed encounter the issue you mentioned with Windows Media Player, but it fixed itself (possibly I installed a media codec pack, or tweaked the settings to make WMP work). Installing VLC player may actually introduce the needed codecs to play OBS Studio videos in WMP.
  12. FRAPS_Player

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    Ahh I see.....but they also cause compatibility issues with some programs and or Or have they all perfected that now and no more issues regarding USB mics and headsets?

    Nope....just installed VLC and even VLC shows blank video.......and played back with WMP and same result.......
  13. FRAPS_Player

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    Hm, not sure what ULRA codec is, but apparently neither VLC, Pot Player or EVEN MPC-HC from K-Lite Mega Codec pack plays it (as they're usually my goto programs for playing videos and audios)- and yes both should pretty much have all the needed codec to play anything! Well the audio plays fine, but I get a black screen for the video part of it, which means none of them have the necessary decoder to decode the codec....

    ID : 0
    Format : RGBA
    Codec ID : ULRA
    Codec ID/Info : Ut Video Lossless Codec
    Codec ID/Hint : Ut Video


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