Is FRAPS dead?

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  1. Hi everyone. I have a question to all of you. What's about Fraps, is this project still alive or developers abandoned this programme? Last update for FRAPS was released on 26th February of 2013.
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    No clue, we have no affiliation to Fraps so don't know why they haven't updated. It isn't the first time that Fraps has gone without updates for years and years, so I'm not worried. Not like Fraps is really all that relevant anymore, with the advent of nVidia's Shadowplay capture tool and Dxtory, which gives you more recording options. Ever since I discovered Shadowplay, I don't record anything with Fraps now. :)
  3. Ok, thank you for your response :)
  4. Hey,

    Fraps is not dead. The developers are working on a new Fraps version.
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    Source? We don't know anything about what they are doing, they never announce anything. We just have to "hope" they are, but I very much doubt it.
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    As I thought: "no known release date". That's how it's always been: they've always been working on updates, but -- like your email screenshot proves -- they never bother to state when this update will come through. Not like it matters, anyone with a supported nVidia GPU and latest drivers would be using Shadowplay for all recording needs, and anyone who doesn't have an nVidia GPU would just use Dxtory or another recorder. Fraps used to be the one-stop software everyone used to record, but it's one of those legacy software nobody uses. Personally, I use Shadowplay to record everything where possible, only using alternative recorders if Shadowplay won't record a game.
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  7. I recorded a test with Fraps with Terraria and I only got up to 30 FPS on Windows 10 as opposed to over 30 FPS on Windows 7.

    I wouldn't say that Fraps is dead, but I wouldn't mind if they did more testing of this program on Windows 10.
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    The fraps website doesn't even show Windows 8 in the list of operating systems - with no updates for 2 years at this point things may start getting strange on newer operating systems.
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  9. I heard from a user that Beepa is developing a Fraps version for Windows 10 but they have not announced a release date yet. In the meantime, ShadowPlay seems to work as a great alternative.
  10. Fraps is not the best source to recording anymore for the majority, but it is the only benchmarking tool out there. So probably a update to support future DX12 is a good thing to do.
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