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  1. Thalmor Wizard

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    Does anyone know what the "Lock Framerate when recording" option is meant to do in Fraps? I just tried to use it to lock the fps to 50 in Skyrim when recording, but it did nothing whatsoever and the FPS continued to drop below 50, creating dropped frames in my recording files (not that the dropped frames are really noticeable, but I would like a flawless recording without the FPS going down by itself, considering that I can run Skyrim at 60fps when not recording everywhere in the game)
  2. raffriff

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    I like Cmasupra's explanation of this:
  3. Thalmor Wizard

    Thalmor Wizard Moderator Staff Member Site Contributor

    So, essentially, because I'm recording at 50fps, instead of something like 60fps, the constantly fluctuating FPS will keep creating dropped frames, because it's not a multiple? Is there any programs that I could run alongside Fraps to force the game to persistently run at 50fps?
  4. RobiePAX

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    Framerate Lock as the name dictates "locks" your gameplay framerate to your target framerate, in your case it's 50 fps. Due to the way Fraps is coded your possible framerate "checkpoints" are 50 fps, 100 fps, 150 fps. The reason why you couldn't see any change was most likely because your PC couldn't handle 100 fps, so it remained at your target framerate anyway.

    If you set target framerate to 10 fps and lock framerate, then you will record AND play at 10 fps at all times.
  5. Thalmor Wizard

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    That's the problem, the FPS didn't stay at 50fps constantly. Whenever I go to the world map, it's always at 30fps, despite the fact that the whole game runs at 60fps in every potential area of Skyrim when I'm not recording. Am I meeting some bottleneck or is Fraps not honouring the "Lock Framerate" option, because afaik, locking the FPS means that the game and the program should be stuck to 50fps no matter what ?
  6. RobiePAX

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    Same rules apply if you will set to record at 60 fps, Fraps will do its best to record at 60 fps but if it's simply too much for it then framerate will go below 60 and result into dropped frames.

    "Lock Framerate" is a feature if you are recording at let's say 60 fps, but your in-game framerate is very high, like 180 fps and you don't like screen tearing. So without turning on Vsync you can instead lock framerate through Fraps. So it's a feature for PCs who simply sky-rocket the game, usually happens with really old non-fps locked games... or if you got GTX Titans.
  7. Thalmor Wizard

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    I had sent an email to beepa support, the part about lock framerate concurs with what you said Robie (it basically prevents FPS going any higher to stop screen tearing). Here's a copy of the email reply I got:
    I updated my GPU drivers to the beta version on AMD's site (which apparently included the Gaming Evolved App, not really sure how useful it is, other than telling me to use low distances on some things -.-) so maybe this will fix it a little.
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  8. I must be missing something. I though fraps would always cap my in-game fps no matter what. Does this feature allow me to lock in a Fraps FPS and still play my game at over 100+ FPS? Because that would be awesome, I hate having to play @ 60 FPS because fraps is recording.
  9. RobiePAX

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    You hate playing at 60 fps?... Right.

    Fraps formula works pretty simple, it's about multiplications. If you are recording the game at 30 fps, then your in-game framerate will be 30/60/90/120/150/180/etc. fps whichever your computer can handle the highest. If your computer can handle 80 fps then it will be locked down to 60.

    The "Lock Framerate" feature will force Fraps NOT to use these created 'checkpoints' and try to record at target framerate, in earlier example case then it would be 30 fps.
  10. Cool thanks.

    And not to derail or anything but there is a huge difference in playing @ 60fps on a 144hz monitor and @ 120+fps :) Much, much smoother.
  11. RobiePAX

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    And I'm not denying that fact :) But with Fraps... good luck getting 120+ fps.

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