Lost Software And Password

Years ago i had paid for and installed the fraps software it was installed on all PC's in the household, now it is not on any. this happened by a series of events by me getting a new PC, that PC's hard drive getting fried plus a system reset on the other, this left me with no fraps program. i thought the soulution was easy, i would just go to the fraps website and re-install it but apparentley i lost the password, i sent a support email to fraps but did not get a response i was hoping they still had some record of the email i used and could help me get my password back, as there was not any set up system of password recovery. Now i'm hoping i can get some help from some admin to get my copy of fraps back.

Thalmor Wizard

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I haven't received the payment confirmation email! / There's an issue with my payment!
Sorry to hear that, but I'm afraid there is nothing we can do for you. This is an unofficial support forum for Fraps based issues: any problems you have when purchasing the software or obtaining the download should be directed to the official support email @ http://fraps.com
I would strongly recommend you to not bother about Fraps and use something else. Popular recording tools that are freely available include OBS Studio and Shadowplay (included natively on nVidia GTX GPU's)