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  1. Hi guys I've been told to create a thread here by robiepax on yahoo if I'll have any other dxtory questions. I have a new problem now that I can't figure out why dxtory is not recording my voice. It will record only game audio, however if I untick the setting to record game audio then my microphone does start recording... I want both of them to record at the same time, not one at the time.

    Any ideas why my microphone is not recording if I want to record game audio too? My setting look all valid, microphone is set to PCM 44.1 Hz, push to talk is disabled so it would always record.

    Early thanks.
  2. deardevildude19

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    You need to make sure that the microphone is added as well, also you need a video editor that supports 2 audio tracks e.g Sony Vegas
    Dxtory Settings.png
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  3. Yes I do have a second audio stream set up for microphone, but I hear only in game audio :( Microphone starts recording only if I turn off in game audio stream. I tried changing to 48 Hz like it's on your screenshot but still the same.

    Sony Vegas is not a possible option for me it's way too expensive, over 500 pounds... I know I can easily pirate it like a lot of people do, but I rather not. I'm currently using Adobe Premiere elements trial and liking it so far, considering to buy it later.
  4. deardevildude19

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    What program are you using to playback the footage? Windows Media Player or Adobe Premiere elements.

    Sony Vegas do a Movie Studio HD and I think it is quite cheap but really good.
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    When you have multiple audio streams, you will only ever hear one of the streams, because playback would sound horrible if you tried to play back multiple streams (when you play a DVD movie, you don't hear all streams at once). Your microphone has probably been recorded but you aren't hearing it because your playback program won't playback alternate streams.
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  6. Both and VLC too, in both players I only hear in game audio, and in Adobe PE only one track is shown under the video.
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    Also on that if you use Adobe Premiere Elements if you want both sound tracks you have
    First right click the video and extract audio streams, there should be two, one for pc sound and the other for mic.
    Then you have to put the video and both sounds tracks into Premiere seperately. They should be same length so no syncing needed
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    Hello again Mardull. Just as mentioned above for some reason you are assuming that Dxtory combines two or more audio tracks together. The whole beauty of Dxtory that it does NOT do that, you record the audio separately. Thanks to that you need not worry about volume levels since you will be able to individually adjust them later, such as making your commentary louder without making in-game track louder too.

    Video players cannot and should not play multiple audio tracks at the same time. Just as Thalmor Wizard mentioned imagine you have bought a DVD Movie, and it has multiple languages as well as Director's Commentary. Do you think the movie will be very watchable(is that a word?) if all audio tracks will play at the same time?

    I've made these screenshots for some Dxtory Forum users, it applies to you too:

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  9. It was so simple? Just right click and extract audio streams... well now I feel like an idiot. I never knew you can change audio tracks, I thought it works just like fraps which I used before. And I got even more nervous that something is wrong when Adobe PE showed only one audio track too.

    Big thanks guys :) Also thanks robiepx for the help with my first question, installing lagarith indeed helped and my videos are no longer laggy when I play them.
  10. deardevildude19

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    I have used Dxtory for a little over a year and I at first didn't know what to do with it. But as I used it longer I got to grips with it and now I'm teaching others how to use it.
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    You shouldn't, nobody becomes an expert in one day and Dxtory is not known for having the greatest English "manual" how to use it. If it makes you feel any better I visit Dxtory forum and similar support websites quite regularly, and this is one of the most common questions new users ask about audio tracks so you are not alone.
    As far as I know only Sony Vegas/Movie Studio added automatic detection and import of all audio tracks from the video file. Most of other editors by default will only use the first audio track similar how video players do, so you should always export them manually. It's not really a disadvantage since it's a 5 second job...
    Again, another most common issue of Dxtory I've noticed. For some reason Dxtory has really retarded default settings, if you are newbie good luck figuring out why your video has 80% dropped frames. To optimally record with default settings you will need "minimum" of 150 MB/s Hard Drive speed for a 1080p 30fps video... Why ExKode set software defaults to record at such absurd quality, I will never know since I doubt there is an answer to that.
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    True that man, took me a good month and a half when I first started using Dxtory :D
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  13. I've recorded videos too with dxtory and im planning to edit them with microsoft expression encoder 4 but only my game audio can be heard. i recorded my microphone and my game audio but only my game audio shows up. next time i think i will record my voice seperately but is there any way to record both audio channels as 1 channel? if not can microsoft expression encoder 4 import 2 audio channels? i need help because i need to put this video up on youtube.
  14. deardevildude19

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    You need to right click the video file then select "Extract Audio Stream" This will give you 2 audio files, the file with game and PC sounds the other one with your microphone. You then need to just add the microphone audio to video as an extra track
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  15. I'd just like to say that i pitched in a few bucks and bought Sony Movie Studio Platinum 13 and that can recognize the 2 different audio streams. I'v been using it for a while now and i LOVE it.

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