Dxtory Need help. Wont record audio with new audio interface

I have been using dxtory for a couple months now and it has been great. I had some problems with recording game and mic audio at first (which i think most people do) but i figured it out and havent had a problem since, but i got a a new mic audio interface (scarlett solo 2nd gen) and now when i record there is no sound at all on the channel where my mic is. It works for everything else Audacity,Obs, and the mic is working properly. When I extract the audio files and listen to the mic audio there is completely nothing, but the game audio is fine. It is just dxtory that dosent work and i have already switched my mic to the first thing dxtory records and still nothing. Plz help.


Sexy Duck
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Well I have a Scarlett 2i2 2nd Gen and I have no issues with recording. Does the solo have the ability to record with 2 channels? If so try disabling the 2nd channel so it becomes 1 channel.