needed to send delayed F9

I have been using fraps output to automate certain outputfile.
Basically fraps will output 4Gs of time sliced output avi, however I am in need to record and leave the desktop for extended period of time and let the recording stop presscribed time. I can only stop using physical press of F9 but not by any other means.
I even designed scripts to terminate the fraps process but that will leave the bunch of tmp files. It looks like unless F9 is pressed and if fraps terminates abnormally by killing process, outputs also will be wasted.
Is there any hope on this?
I downloaded the keyboard macro application and did a quick macro recording in which send only F9 to system but fraps is not capturing. Thanks.,

Thalmor Wizard

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The person (or people) who would be able to help with this do not visit this forum anymore, or in some cases, don't post on it any longer. You could try using the search box above, or searching through this section of the forums, to see if you can find any useful information regarding this, but I cannot assist because I personally don't do this and don't really see the point in such a thing.