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  1. Hello all, after having trouble with Fraps and getting advice here, I gave Dxtory a try. I'll be frank, I have no idea where to start with it, beyond the basics. I adjusted the settings, added in my audio lines, made sure I had the right quality, but I don't know the specifics for this software. As a result, I got sub par quality. My FPS dropped by 30 while recording, there's significant stuttering in the recording, and my microphone seems to be auto-tuning after the fact. What should I be looking to do to get smoother, lossless recording?

    Also, I mentioned this in my other thread, my video seems to be coming out corrupt. but it's only a 1 second corruption, usually 15 to 20 seconds in that causes playback and editing to stop once it hits that frame. I'm hoping it's a software side problem, but since I recently upgraded my rig, and downgraded my OS to win 10, I can't be sure it's not a Hardware or System problem. Does something this happen often with unoptimized recordings?
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    What version of Dxtory are you using because I found that 2.0.133 has issues with recording and it stuttering. I found the best version to go to is 2.0.128 which is the most stable and effective I have found. I would recommend the Matrox codec HERE. If you need further assistance then just keep posting on here then I will give assistance where everyone else should be able to find the answer if they have the same issue.
  3. Sorry for the late response, holidays and all.

    Anyway, I got the codec, and Lagarith lossless as well...I'll be honest, I have no idea which Matrox codec to pick, and went with, Matrox MPEG-2 I-frame for testing. With both this and Lagrith LL, I've run up against a few problems still. Namely, any time I alt-tab with Dxtory up, whether I'm recording or not, it causes an error in the recording that prevents me from even opening the file after it's saved. It also tanks my FPS severely while it's running, taking my 60 fps games down to 25. Though...oddly, if I alt-tab before I start recording, the game FPS goes back to normal, and the file fpst goes even lower, down to 15. And when I record normally, no matter what the file fps says, the play back is a smooth 60, even if the onscreen is around 25. Can..Someone explain that to me?

    I've played with the settings and found that, when it does work, this setup works far better than fraps. For things that don't need high FPS, it's great. The only issue is, for those games that do, it's kinda a problem to have the onscreen FPS drop so much. Any advice that you could give to help me with these issues?
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    Have you tried downgrading to Dxtory 2.0.128. Also the Matrox Codec I use is "Matorx MPEG-2 I-frame HD".

    Here is a screenshot of my Dxtory and Matrox settings.
    upload_2015-12-30_23-55-38.png upload_2015-12-30_23-55-53.png
    These settings give me high quality recordings with little frame loss. Also what are the specs of your PC as it may be your specs or HDD speeds causing the low fps.

    For the HDD speeds, click THIS link to go to the thread that tells you how to get the required programs.
  5. I'm already using 2.0.128, and I tried running it with those, the problems are still the same.
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    Please click THIS link and then post the information from the all of the programs into this thread as it could possibly be something to do with your setup.

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