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1,000 Subscribers and 1.1 Million Views. I make quite a lot of videos on a variety of games and I would appreciate it if you could check it out and perhaps subscribe if you enjoy what you see :p. Trying my best to inspire people and entertain people at the end of the day, think I've done a good enough job at it so far :)


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Checked your "How to be Good at Commentary" video. Some tips are quite interesting. I agree that water is very important since dry throat makes it much harder to clearly speak and not enough people consider water as a worthy bullet point. As for talking to the side of the microphone, it's a nice economic trick I suppose. But the proper way is to buy a pop-shield filter, they are not expensive at all.

I believe you should have added one more important point, which is "Don't be afraid of your Voice". Majority of starting commentators don't realize and get discouraged by the fact that their voice "sounds stupid" when they listen to it from a video. It's a completely natural reaction when the brain understands that it's meant to be your voice, but it denies that fact since it heard your voice entire life and knows how it meant to sound and what it hears is not your voice. It doesn't sound like your voice because microphone same as every person around you doesn't hear the body vibration which you hear in your head. As result that denial leaves the emotion that "My voice sounds stupid" or "I don't like my voice". That reaction passes away very fast over time the more you listen to your recorded voice.