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Discussion in 'Video Encoding' started by Peyton Wright, Jan 28, 2016.

  1. My videos are so grainy. I need some good vegas render settings. I record my gameplay using an Elgato HD60 at 1080p 60fps 40mbps. I record my facecam using OBS at 1080p 30fps 1000 kbps.
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    Try using this preset:

    Although it was created for my needs for Shadowplay, it should work out fine for you. However, it's quite likely your videos are grainy because you are trying to stitch two video sources of completely different frame rates together, producing bad output. Frame rate should be equal, not differing like yours are (game at 1080p60, facecam at 1080p30 (facecam is pointless btw, don't bother with it))

    Also, please don't bump year old discussions. I have moved your post to a new thread so as to prevent any unwanted emails being sent to users who have contributed to this post years ago.

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