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[NOTE: This thread is a copy/paste of the original, edited slightly for this section of the boards.]
Hi all

This thread hopefully aims to provide you with information about how to request support, as well as answers to common support queries we get here. Before posting, please check here so that we can assist you fully

It is highly recommend that you "watch" the threads you create. If your profile settings are not set to automatically watch threads which you create or reply to, you can click the link Watch Thread when viewing a thread. It is also highly advisable to ensure you get email notifications when responses are posted in a thread you are watching so you can get the latest information and (in the case of support threads) know when someone has responded to your query.

General Things [READ THIS FIRST!]:
* If you use Dxtory, please do NOT post an Environment Information report (it can be found within the program). The reason is that it provides far too much information, including your license key, most of which we don't need to know. Please use Frafs Hardware Check to provide information about your hardware.
* Support threads may be closed if a moderator deems that the thread is going off-topic and that the OP has their answer, or they may be moved if a moderator deems the thread to be heading towards more specific support that doesn't relate to . Please respect all moderator decisions as they are doing to make sure the forum is kept organised and useful for all users. :)
* Issues regarding video editors not playing back the footage recorded with your capture prgoram or other issues that happen after using your capture program belong in the Video Encoding forum: https://encodingtalk.com/forums/video-encoding.8/
* Please don't self promote yourself in your request threads as it's off topic. If you wish to promote your channel, please do so in the Video Channels board: https://encodingtalk.com/forums/video-channels.9/

When requesting support, please describe your issue as fully as possible. The more information that you provide us, the more support we can give in assisting your issue. Also, make sure that you provide reports from the following programs:
* FRAFS Hardware Check
* A CrystalDiskMark report of the drive where Fraps records videos to

* A screenshot or list of settings in your capture program (@raffriff please create a tool that grabs information about a capture program, similar to how it's done in Hardware check, but for ALL capture programs)

These programs allow us to get a general picture of what your problem may be. Hardware Check gives us all the details of your system specifications. AVI Info gives us information about the recorded file that is showing a problem. CrystalDiskMark is a tool which tells us the read/write speeds of the drive where your videos get recorded: this is invaluable to us as it lets us know if you are bottlenecking, based on whatever you are trying to record.

Please do not post AVI Info reports of every single recorded video you have, we require only an AVI Info report of the AVI file that has an issue.

If you are not sure how to use the AVI Info / Hardware Check programs, please check this thread: https://encodingtalk.com/threads/frafs-avi-info-hardware-check-info.2089/

Likewise, if you are not sure on how to use CrystalDiskMark, then check out this post by our admin on how to obtain the report: https://encodingtalk.com/threads/recommended-hard-drives-for-fraps-recording.536/#post-2073

If you are planning to post pictures with your post, please use spoiler tags. Image heavy threads take their toll on people's connections and spoiler tags allow the threads to load quickly. If you forget to apply spoiler tags, not to worry! A moderator will edit your post to add spoiler tags in, but please do keep in mind that we won't repeatedly do this over and over for you: you must make sure to use spoiler tags when planning to include large images. The format of a spoiler tag is:
[spoiler]whatever you want to be hidden here[/spoiler]
If you don't include required information, we cannot give proper support. Also, do note that while we would love to provide tailored and personal support for each and every user, our job is not to do this. We can give you suggestions on how to improve your videos, but we can't personally assign Site Contributors to users as each Site Contributor has a specialist area and may not help with your problem. If you need tailored support, you may be requested to contact beepa support directly or to use the appropriate channels that you may have (eg an IT Department at your workplace). Thanks for understanding this policy. :)

Oh, one last thing: when your requesting support, please do NOT make arrogant statements about the issue you are having, such as "Oh it's not my hardware" or "Oh it has to be a <insert capture program here> issue". If you post things like this, you may be ignored and receive no support. While you might think your hardware is good enough, we may not think so: basically, what I'm saying is that you should let us be the decider of whether your hardware is good enough for your capture program :)

Please check this thread for an example of how you DON'T ask for support on this forum: https://encodingtalk.com/threads/freezes-and-fps-dropdowns-while-recording.1663/

This thread will be updated over time, as we get more and more support issues. It may even have links to FAQ's for common queries for the different capture programs.

Thanks for reading! :)
- Thalmor Wizard
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