Recommendation for best Mac batch video encoder

Hi all,

I'm looking for recommendations on the best tool for batch encoding videos my the Mac unattended.

To date i've mainly used Handbreak, Adobe Media Encoder and Adapter.

I'm curious how people rank these, and if i'm missing out on some gems i don't know about.

For example is Apple's own Compressor app any good?

I'm no video expert, i just want output that looks and sounds good on my HD devices, with resulting files that aren't any larger than they need to be or taking days to encode.

I've looked around the web for this info, but it seems to be mostly SEO link-bait out there, which is not really giving me genuine info but promoting this or that tool.

Most of my source videos are from my PVR and HD downloads (cameras, YouTube etc.).

Length can be anything from between 15mins to 3hrs.

For playback I mainly use Plex, VLC and other 3rd party apps, rather than iOS or OS X default apps.

Any insights / thoughts /tips welcome!



Staff member
Handbrake is a very good tool - I think one of the best if you're not using something like Adobe Media Encoder.

StaxRip is also a good one, though it isn't as user friendly as Handbrake.

We're getting further into the HEVC standard which can reduce file size a pretty good bit without killing quality, but not all players support it currently. I know the newer builds of VLC does.

Handbrake has added HEVC support, FYI if you want to play with it.
Thanks for the info - HEVC sounds interesting, key thing is that it gets support on iOS (VLC, Infuse and Plex being the players i use there). I'll have a look at what sort of compression difference it gives me.