Recommended Hard drives for FRAPS recording

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    I'm going to attempt to build a list of hard drives that users have had success with when using them to record fraps footage to. If you want to contribute to this, please see the second post.

    • SAMSUNG HD103SJ Spinpoint F3 1TB - / Amazon
    • SAMSUNG HD502HJ Spinpoint F3 500GB
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      • Sequential Write: 131.598 MB/s
    • Western Digital WD6000HLHX VelociRaptor 600gb - / Amazon
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      • Sequential Write: 142.654 MB/s
    • Western Digital WD1002FAEX Caviar Black 1TB - / Amazon
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      • Sequential Write: 129.298 MB/s
    • Toshiba 1 TB USB 3.0 External Hard Drive PH3100U-1E3S- Amazon
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      • Sequential Write: 110.913 MB/s
    • Western Digital Scorpio Black wd5000bpkt 500GB - / Amazon
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      • Sequential Write: 65.7 MB/s (via external connection using USB3 ExpressCard IOGEAR GEU302 - / Amazon)
      • Sequential Write: 85.3 MB/s
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    Submitting Drive Benchmarks

    Rather than simply posting "I have x model drive and it works great!" you might want to supply some more detailed information about your device. Consider doing a benchmark and posting the results!

    Note that empty drives will perform better than drives that have a significant amount of their capacity used.
    1. Download CrystalDiskMark (I use the .zip, portable edition)
    2. Launch the program, and configure as follows:
      1. The first dropdown box is the number of times it runs the test, set it to 3
      2. The second dropdown box is the size of the test file being written. Set it to 4000MB
      3. The third dropdown box is for selecting the appropriate drive for the test
    3. Click on the green "Seq" to start the sequential write test.
    4. After the test has completed, go to Edit>Copy and then you can paste out something like this:
    You might trim it down a bit to just the relevant information:

    Include the drive model in your post. If you like, also post the games you record and the resolution/framerate you record at.

    I'll try very hard to keep this post updated as an 'index' of all benchmarks posted in this forum.
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  3. My 931GB Seagate ST1000DM003-1CH162 works pretty well with Fraps.
    I record at 60 fps 1080p. Tested on Minecraft with no lag.

    Sequential Read : 155.650 MB/s
    Sequential Write : 142.814 MB/s

    Test : 4000 MB [C: 53.2% (489.4/920.4 GB)] (x3)
    Date : 2015/02/02 17:38:22
    OS : Windows 8.1 [6.3 Build 9600] (x64)

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