Dxtory Recommended HDD speeds for 1080p/60FPS?

Discussion in 'Video Recording Hardware & Software' started by Waddle, Nov 2, 2014.

  1. Waddle

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    My friend complains about stuttering with Dxtory + Lagarith Lossless codec on 1080p/60FPS. He gets about 140MB/sec write speeds from the Dxtory test. What are optimal speeds for each tier? Like 720p/30, 720p/60, etc and how is the math done?

  2. raffriff

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    I tried to answer that here. To sum it up:
    • 720p/30 ~ 26 MB/s
    • 720p/60 ~ 52 MB/s
    • 1080p/30 ~ 60 MB/s
    • 1080p/60 ~ 118 MB/s
    ...but I don't know how closely the numbers translate to benchmark results.
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  3. Waddle

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    Curiously he says he stutters with Dxtory, but Fraps just has an occasional FPS dip (but Fraps does 50FPS at best). No problems with Shadowplay though xD

    I'll set up RAID 0 soon and get back on whether the stuttering continues.

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