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Discussion in 'FRAPS Help Requests' started by Sephalos, Jan 8, 2011.

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  1. Alright so here's the deal, just the other day I could record my desktop just fine and everything was working like a charm.. but not anymore. :confused:

    For some reason one day I start FRAPS and it doesn't show my FPS counter in the top of the screen and it won't record anything on the desktop. (I can buffer if I hold the record key but that doesn't help at all) :(

    I searched the web trying to find out if anyone else had this problem but I can't find anything. So I'm guessing something is wrong with my computer but any help would be more than welcome. :eek:


    PS: Yes, I have windows Vista with Aero enabled and Yes, I have "Monitor desktop aero DWM" enabled. ;)
  2. Same here, really annoying. I am running windows 7 64 bit, recently formatted so I grabbed a newer copy of fraps and it doesn't seem to work at all in this version. FPS counter is not hidden in settings, I have it set as left corner, monitor dwm is checked, but I get no overlay on the desktop like before and recording video does nothing. I used to be able to get the overlay on the desktop and in hw accelerated video players (MPC, WMP with dxva)

    Please fix this!
  3. Confimed bug.
    Fraps 3.4.2

    Windows 7 64 Ultimate
    Quad Core CPU
    500 GB Hardrive

    If you have a game started, recording the Desktop is disabled. If you stop the game, recording works fine.


    You need to start the Desktop recording first, then start the game.
  4. I have this problem too. I can't record windows aero at all, the FPS counter does not show and when I press record (F9) a file called unknown-06-14-2011.avi appears in the fraps recording folder for a few seconds depending on the date and then disappears. I think it could be because I installed some program that changed the skin of windows, even though I changed it back to aero, uninstalled it and got windows to repair core files.
    Using 3.4.3
  5. ETAdmin

    ETAdmin Administrator Staff Member

    What was the name of the program? It might be nice for that to show up in searches should anyone else have a similar problem.
  6. This same problem has just happened to me.

    I write strategy guides for a web site for PC-based games. I was given an assignment to write a guide for a game called "Secrets of the Dark - Temple of the Night". I started FRAPS as usual then started the game. No counter came on. F10 and F9 did not capture anything. I've never had "Monitor Aero Desktop" checked before but in desperation, I tried checking it. I can get screenshots and videos now but I had to check "No Overlay" or the counter showed up on the videos and screenshots. This also means I don't see the FPS counter while I'm playing the game. I rely on the counter to make sure I'm getting the screenshots I need and to know when I'm starting/stopping videos.

    All my drivers are current. I'm running Win7 64-bit Professional and FRAPS 3.4.5. I love FRAPS and rely on it. Any suggestions on how to get my shots and have a counter would be appreciated. Thanks.
  7. I found the fix :p well not really a fix, just people not reading the first screen that pops up when you open fraps, on the Gneral tap, you will have a list of checkboxes, just click Monitor Areo desktop (DWM)... Your welcome.
  8. Not exactly. I'm having the problem where I cannot see the 'Monitor Areo desktop' box. I am currently using Windows 7 on the Areo setting, not classic, but still it wont show up. I thought my fraps might be out of date, so I updated to the newest version, but still the tick box is a no show.
    Andy ideas?
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    So just to confirm:
    • when you rightclick the desktop and go to properties - you select "Windows 7" under Aero themes
    • when you open fraps, you are on the "general" tab, and there isn't a "Monitor Aero desktop (DWM)" checkbox?
    Can you screenshot your general tab in fraps and show us? Click start and type "snip" if you want a quick way to do a screenshot.
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  10. Here is the screenshot of no "Monitor desktop" option

    Attached Files:

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    Do you really have a 100 user license for fraps? I doubt that.

    I'm pretty sure that nobody here wishes to troubleshoot anything with an executable that has who knows what done to it, so I'm locking this thread.
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