Recording flash games with Fraps

Discussion in 'FRAPS Help Requests' started by ETAdmin, Jan 27, 2012.

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  1. ETAdmin

    ETAdmin Administrator Staff Member

    Someone asked a question in this thread on how to record specific games. Since this particular game was flash, I felt like showing how to record flash games for anyone else having issues with recording them.

    First, we need to use the standalone Adobe Flash "Projector" application. Grab it here: Don't get the debugger, just the projector. It isn't an installer, just an .exe you run when you want to use it. You can then drag the .swf file into the window and it should play, with fraps hooking into it like other games.

    Here is a video showing how it is done:

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  2. Hi! I am trying to record Flash Player using this method, but when I am trying this I also want to screen-share with a friend while we are in a call on Skype, and whenever I do record with both Skype and the Flash Player running it only records the Skype window!
    How do I get around this and record ONLY the flash player?
  3. Thank you sir! I will try this out come Saturday. Thank you for the response. :)
  4. I tried to do this but it does not works. I downloaded "Projector", got swf file and dragged it in window, and file works but Fraps does not records. I try to press F9 and the little icon of Fraps in the bottom of y screen shows red so it's kinda recording, right? But no frames and no video saved! What I'm doing wrong? Is there any specific way how to launch Fraps for this to work?
  5. Brad

    Brad Well-Known Member

    If you want to screen cast as you play and record, you could always record the entire desktop and crop the video in post production. I know the question is old, but still, that's a way.

    The reason it records the skype call is cause Skype uses DirectX to display most of the call assets.

    Projector though should use OpenGL or DirectX to render, and since that would ideally be the program in focus, FRAPS should hook in to that just fine. I would suspect since you are doing a screen cast that's where it gets screwed up.

    Recording the whole screen would work as well if someone didn't want to download projector and play it just in their browser.

    Gonna add this to my thread if you don't mind. :D
  6. ETAdmin

    ETAdmin Administrator Staff Member

    What game? I can try it on my machine and see if I can reproduce the results.
  7. ETAdmin

    ETAdmin Administrator Staff Member

    It appears to work for me.

    Lanuch the swf projector, then load the game. At that point, launch fraps and be sure that the monitor DWM option is unchecked. See if the order that you do things has some impact.
  8. 1. "Lanuch the swf projector" - Check!
    2. "then load the game" - Check!
    3. "At that point, launch fraps" - Check!

    Still not records....

    4. "be sure that the monitor DWM option is unchecked. " - I don't even have that option (at least I can not find it)... so, check? =/

    Nope, not works...
  9. Brad

    Brad Well-Known Member

    That option is the first tab of FRAPS.
  10. Thalmor Wizard

    Thalmor Wizard Moderator Staff Member Site Contributor

    If it's not there, are you using a Windows Aero theme ?
  11. I have the same exact problem. I'm trying to play Silent Hill: Room 304 using this method and exactly the same thing happens to me. I can play the game in the projector but all fraps does is change the little icons lettering to purple and then to red and then back to purple when I hit the hotkey. No video file shows up and neither does the fps.
  12. raffriff

    raffriff Moderator Staff Member Site Contributor

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  13. Nevermind. I figured out what i was doing wrong. I full screened the projector and checked the box for DWM and it worked fine
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