Recording Stereoscopic 3D with FRAPS and LG 2342P Monitor

Discussion in 'FRAPS Help Requests' started by Zoomer, Mar 26, 2012.

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  1. I was hoping somebody might be able to help me with recording a stereoscopic 3D video using FRAPs and an LG2342P monitor. I have very little experience with both FRAPs and 3D technology so please excuse my lack of knowledge.

    The LG 2342P monitor is a passive (polarised) 3D display. It can play movies recorded in most formats (i.e. side by side, top and bottom etc) but works by interlacing the images. I tried to record some in game footage of Counter-Strike:Source but FRAPS didn't capture the images seperately (for example side by side) and instead captures an interlaced image. This means I can't upload the video to youtube (as a 3d video) and I am only able to watch the video in 3D when my monitor is set to 2D mode.

    Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
  2. raffriff

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    Could you link to a sample video? "Interlace" means alternating lines - is that what you have?
    Is the Fraps video alternating left/right frames? If so, you can convert with an Avisynth script. I can write one for you if needed, but search the net first.
  3. I'm not home right now but when I can I will produce a sample and upload it somewhere. Yes I do mean interlace(d). My monitor splits the left and right eyes into alternating lines, each line is polarised differently to work with the polarised glasses. FRAPs is recording that video in the same way it would be recorded if you pointed a video camera at the screen (i.e. still interlaced).

    I should have also pointed out that I have tried both the free and paid versions, both of which don't show the option to "capture video in stereoscopic 3d" as can be seen in this image on the FRAPS FAQ page.

    Is this because stereoscopic is now autodetected or has it been disabled for some reason?

    Thanks again.
  4. raffriff

    raffriff Moderator Staff Member Site Contributor

    >> Is this because stereoscopic is now autodetected
    my guess: yes that's it

    I'd have to see your video sample, but if the left eye is always on odd-numbered lines, and the right eye is on even-numbered lines (or vice-versa), you can use run an Avisynth SeparateFields filter to separate the eyes, then Select even & odd frames, then pack them side-by-side with StackHorizontal. Not easy but doable.

    EDIT - can't you force the video card to output anaglyph (red-cyan?) Hmmm...searching...
    EDIT - scratch that. YouTube wants side-by-side, not anaglyph
  5. i would hazard a guess that the cause of your issue is that you aren't dealing with what Fraps deems steroscopic 3D at all. from the looks of my quick research and your comments your computer never really renders 2 images to the screen as what occurs with nvidia 3D vision so there is nothing for fraps to grab as 2nd image, with nvidia steroscopic 3D and a 120hz monitor, each eye's image is displayed alternately (up to 60 times a sec for each eye so 120 images per sec) in time with the lcd screen glasses switching between "blacking out" an eye. As i understand it, your graphics card is not doing anything extra with the game and most/all of the conversion into 3D is occurring at your monitor after fraps has recorded what is spat out by your graphics card, or at most your graphics card is making the "interlaced" left and right eye polarized image (to create depth) but only spits out a single image to your monitor.

    may be way off the mark, but this is what i see as the logical reason behind your issue.

    edit: may i inquire also what graphics card, or programs you are using to create the polarized 3D video you see in gaming.
  6. Bullus, you are half right and as such, half wrong :p

    Two images are sent to the monitor, however instead of placing them in alternate frames they are both sent at the same time and placed on alternate lines. As such, FRAPS sees it as 1 image being sent and as such records it as 1 image. I have no complaints with FRAPS doing this, it is just the way FRAPS works and I understand the difficulty in programming it to work any other way. Also, polarised monitors are less common than those that use shutter glasses so support is obviously going to be less. It would be nice if it could be programmed to work with line-interlaced 3D recordings but I don't expect it to be a priority

    To answer your questions regarding my setup, I have an NVIDIA GeForce GTX 570 graphics card and use TriDef software to generate 3D. TriDef has it's own 3D graphics drivers (i think) so doesn't require the NVIDIA 3D drivers.

    And finally to answer my own, original question, I actually found a simple(ish) way of recording and converting the video. I recorded the video using FRAPS and converted it using Stereo Video Maker. It takes a bit of playing with to get the settings exactly right but it is easy enough to get started. Here is my results of my initial test:

    I would be interested to get some feedback, especially from those capable of watching side-by-sde 3D videos.
  7. try and help and you get tongue poked out at you.... :(

    :D just kidding, finally got YT3D to work with my nvidia setup,(after fiddling for 2hrs:mad: ) and depth was fine watching this in 3D, image was a little pixelated at fullscreen but i am guessing that is too be expected, all in all a decent effort
  8. Thanks bullus and I assure you, no offence was intended :)

    The purpose of this was purely to test the method for recording in 3D, especially using a budget 3D set up. Initially I wanted to make the process as quick as possible so I didn't have to wait to long only to find that the attempt had failed. Now I know the process works I can work on improving the overall quality of any videos.

    My biggest hindrance is steam itself. I like to use the ingame steam menu's for communication with friends etc. however, there is an issue with TriDef and Steam whereby the Steam interface/overlay gets stuck on the screen when running the game in 3D. and worse of all it pop's up of its own accord and gets stuck. Therefore I have to disable the overlay which has a negetive effect on my gaming experience. hopefully it will be fixed soon. Meanwhile I will try to get some better quality videos produced.
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