Seeking gamepad input display widget for tutorial videos

No problem, thanks for your patience. It's possible that the file type is somehow incompatible, because when I right-click it there is no option to "Run Script"; it appears to be a basic word processing file with a different extension. The utility came bundled with a script to exe conversion widget but that, too, does not appear to recognise the file you sent me. Odd, huh? I will try the exe version now.
OK, I now have a an .exe file that I can force my PC to run. It gererates a .csv file with the following message:

Logging Game Controller 1 to "C:\Users....\joy1 2014-10-01 16-15-07 log.csv

Does this script know where to find my gamepad so that it will record only inputs on this device as opposed to other peripherals? I have several gaming devices.

Please let me know how to proceed withj logging all gamepad inputs with this EXE version of the file.

Thanks for your patience!


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The only software I have found is this:

Open Broadcaster Software - Download

While obviously very good, it seems rather technical and is designed for live streaming, which adds a layer of complication that I do not need. It also appears to replicate a lot of the functionality I already have in FRAPS. All I need is a little input display widget that can be switched on and off and will display in FRAPS recordings.
I couldn't find anything about screen widgets at the link, but I did stumble across this:

And this screencast:

...which seems to show an XBOX 360 controller quite nicely. Yes, you would have to capture the browser window while capturing the game in another window - not an easy thing to do, but some people here should be able to help you do it.
It's OK! How does it feel to be an alpha tester? :cool:

I wasn't planning to support multiple controllers just yet, but OK, why not.
New "release" - select controller, output folder and polling interval.

Get the new EXE here
Or get the script (source code) here. (I hope you get that script execution thing worked out)

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This is amazing and works for me. I get the text file and am trying to figure out how one would use avisynth to overlay the data? Thank you so much for any help you can provide.