So I just discovered that Shadowplay and Fraps have the same issue with the mic being too quiet...

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  1. Hello! Second post!

    I recently discovered Shadowplay when I built my new PC in the middle of December. I've been hesitant to try it out because I read that its main feature, Shadowplay, from which it gets its name, did a hell of a lot of writing to the C:\ drive (mine is an SSD). However, I discovered, purely by accident, that this issue has been fixed, and you can now manually change Shadowplay's temp folder to another drive (I placed it on my dedicated video recording HDD, D:\). With that single issue solved, I decided to test Shadowplay for the past hour.

    What I noticed is that my mic volume is really soft when playing back the recorded videos. I tried modifying various settings, but what would happen is that I'd end up hearing ambient background noise (including my breathing and typing), or I wouldn't be able to hear game sounds well (which would be horrible since you need sound turned up to be able to hear Spies sneaking up on you).

    I eventually gave up trying to fix the problem on my own and consulted the almighty Google. Lo and behold, I discovered that to keep game volume from drowning out your mic, you need to manually lower the Shadowplay volume in the sound mixer, just like you would do with Fraps. I had planned on switching to Shadowplay because I hated having to manually lower Fraps recording volume each time I started it.

    So, um, I apologize if you guys already knew this, but I noticed a distinct lack of Shadowplay posts here in


    Apparently Shadowplay doesn't work on games that it can't detect (older games like the early Command & Conquer games), so I really have no choice but to use Fraps to record these games (although I had to use a modded version of the games so Fraps would be able to record them in the first place).
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    Are your microphone settings set to low levels in your windows settings? Maybe it got changed by a program and you weren't aware of it.
  3. I did check my mic settings. Mic input volume is set to the same volume as always. I posted several test videos on my personal channel (not the Aron Times channel) for my friends to comment on, and I noticed that in my first video, my voice could barely be heard (I have good ears and a good headset, so my voice would be completely inaudible for most people). In my second and third videos, I lowered Fraps's recording volume but left my mic volume unchanged; the end result was that my voice could now be heard over the game sound.
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    Good to hear that you have fixed your problem with a simple solution :D

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