So it has been over a year since Fraps updated...

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  1. De-M-oN

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    Lagarith uses higher compression than fraps -> more work for cpu to encode and decode.
    Its no surprise that lagarith is slower than fraps.
    DXTory Codec uses slighter compression and therefore more HDD load but lesser cpu load and faster than fraps - if HDD is not too slow.
    Fastest way is uncompressed though. But this would require a RAID 0 for high resolutions.
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  2. RobiePAX

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    Does this mean if Fraps would manage to get rid of their known trademark "multiplier" framerate issue, then it will be better solution than even Lagarith Lossless Codec?
  3. De-M-oN

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    that may be. Its compression is only slightly lower than lagarith, but with a good performance.
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    To be honest, I like the feature where FPS is locked to a multiple. Maybe they should have a setting for "Lock FPS to Multiples" that enables this feature for those who still want it, should they choose to remove it for those few people who don't like it ;)

    Oh wait, they already have this covered: Lock FPS while recording ;). Just check that setting on and the FPS will be locked to whatever you've set as the recording FPS. :)
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  5. RobiePAX

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    More like those few people who like it*. We had seen countless threads where people complained that Fraps murders nearly full 30fps for no good reason, I myself complained about it a year or two ago when I didn't know how Fraps technically operates. You lost me why would you like it o_o You mean you would like to play at same framerate all the time? If so, can't Vsync do that role?
  6. Thalmor Wizard

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    With the FPS fluctuating to a multiple of the recording FPS, it means that the FPS will drop if Fraps isn't able to record at exactly the FPS that I've asked it to record at (useful in quite a few situations). Forcing the system to record at 50fps [in my case] regardless of what's on screen seems like the kind of thing that would wear a computer out much faster as it's being worked harder (which may explain why many users of Dxtory complain that the sound is not sync'd when recording for a long period of time ;))

    I don't have Vsync support so am not able to use it, hence why I like the FPS fluctuating, rather than being locked when it may not be suitable. As I said, if you want to not have an unlocked FPS (aka the FPS multiplier), just check the box for Lock FPS and it'll mimic exactly what Dxtory does. :)
  7. De-M-oN

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    That arent that few. That actually was one of the most main causes for the users in our forum to switch to dxtory.
    2nd main cause was for them to switch to dxtory the possibility to use seperate and more than one audio track, so that you can edit your tracks later.
    and some more causes.

    What are your pro arguments for the lock?
    I mean if you want a still standing fps rate, a simple framelimiter would do the trick and would allow you every fps number you want instead of only a multiple.

    If Synchronous Surface Lock is checkmarked in dxtory, there is also no danger for having greater framejumps because if HDD was too slow it doesnt skip the frame this way, it waits for the HDD like fraps then. => means for example you record in 30fps and you get while playing 30 fileFPS, then dxtory allows you to play with more ingamefps. If your FileFPS gets lower than 30, both values are in same value (so if recording in 30fps and 28file fps is reached, then with sync lock enabled you have also then 28 ingamefps) and remains this way, until you again reach 30 fileFPS and then you can play again with untouched fps again.

    This way no frames are skipped.

    Which advantage has the fps multiple in your opinion then? Does it have a further advantage? I personally couldnt see the advantage of having that, thats why I ask and wonder.

    edit: your post came before my answer was sent thalmor. I read it now. Sorry if it contains the answer already.
  8. Thalmor Wizard

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    @De-M-oN I don't like FPS limiter programs. Plus, I tried to use an FPS limiter mod for Skyrim at one point to lock the FPS at 50 and it made the game less responsive and more choppy than just leaving the game at 60fps and letting Fraps do the work to lower FPS: also, in some cases, you likely have no choice as certain games are hard coded not to run at any other FPS (one set of games I have is forced to run at 60fps no matter what and FPS limiters do not work in those cases) so letting Fraps do the work is better in the long run. It also lessens the chances that there's freezeup's caused by disk activity, since the game will be running at a lower FPS anyway.

    Basically, I'm not going to force Fraps to record at low FPS for no reason (with an FPS limiter program) or force it to run at 60fps no matter what and burn my computer out quicker by working it harder than it needs to: a fluctuating FPS means that the pressure on your computer is lessened if the FPS is lowered automatically. Forcing the CPU / GPU to run at 60fps when it's not strategically possible will simply run them down quicker and most likely cause them to needing a replacement much earlier than necessary (yes, CPU's and GPU's have been known to burn out from excessive use ;))
  9. De-M-oN

    De-M-oN Well-Known Member

    What you mean by "forcing" ?

    If Synchronous Surface Lock isnt checkmarked it doesnt touch your ingamefps even when the fileFPS goes below wanted. But then these frames gets skipped. Is it that what you meant?

    This doesnt happen with this Synchronous Surface Lock checkmark like explained.

    DXTory has a framelimiter itself. I never used it though. So other have to tell you if this works better.

    For me the synchronous surface lock is enough.
  10. RobiePAX

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    Wait, what? It's not really possible not to have Vsync support unless you referring to very old game. Or you meant to say you "don't want" to use Vsync, since there are some known discomforts with Vsync.

    I know games which are locked to 30 fps(e.g. Need for Speed Rivals) and are not suitable to have any higher framerate or else the game will be broken and game will speed up by 2-3 times(disgrace for 2014 game). Though this example is the opposite of what we are talking about, we refer to actually "limiting" framerate out of our own will.
    No... ? I think we have a miscommunication, since I'm talking about other thing. I better provide an example what I'm referring to and why I don't like Fraps FPS Multiplier:

    Game: Battlefield 4 on Ultra
    Target FPS: 30 fps
    Desired in-game FPS: Anything above 50 fps is acceptable

    Fraps: Most of the time game is locked at 60 fps, which is acceptable. However often something really shiny explodes right next to your character and for a brief moment game jumps to 50-58, as result of that Fraps locks framerate to 30 fps which gets extremely irritating over time. Then gradually goes back to 60 fps.
    Dxtory: Most of the time game is being played at variable framerate between 60-80 fps. During mentioned shiny explosions game reduces to 50-58 fps and stays at that, it's very hard to notice it unlike 30 fps jump, then it gradually goes back to 60-80 fps. With Dxtory case my gameplay is not being disturbed, which is why the way Fraps works is kind off annoying. Ticking lock the framerate would lock the game at 30 fps all the time during recording, which is not what I want.
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  11. Thalmor Wizard

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    I'm pretty sure that in all my time of looking, I've never seen an option for Vsync on my graphics settings. :)

    But as I said, maybe they just need to add a setting to Fraps that adds that feature. Hell for all we know, that's what they could be working on. :)

    Re: locked FPS, just set recording FPS to 60 and check Lock FPS, that should keep FPS at 60fps at all times regardless.
  12. RobiePAX

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    Now I'm curious... Could you list 5 games you are playing or recently played?
  13. Thalmor Wizard

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    Pharaoh (quite a while back) and Skyrim. I haven't played that many PC games lately, but I do know that Skyrim doesn't support Vsync (or, it may do, but my GPU simply doesn't allow it)
  14. Thalmor Wizard

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    Ok, after talking with @raffriff in PM's, I can finally see the issue that you have pointed out to me so thanks @RobiePAX and @De-M-oN for pointing out how bad the multiplier problem is (I've only just realised that if the screen FPS is lower than the recording FPS for any reason, I drop frames: I recently did an AVI info on one of my recordings, which makes it seem like I have a bad drive, rather than having dummy frames being inserted).

    I may look into OBS or some other capture program, since I don't think this behaviour to be acceptable. I'll continue to use Fraps until I'm finished up with Skyrim on my channel, after that I'm gonna use something else.

    So yeah, thanks :)
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    Can't comment on Pharaoh, I never played it which is quite sadly considering it looks just like Command & Conquer Red Alert 1 and 2, which I loved.

    As for Skyrim you are right, devs didn't include option to turn on Vsync in Graphics Options for some reason. People online say that it's still possible to turn it on by changing the Present Internal value to 1 in Skyrim.ini file. Forcing Vsync through Nvidia/AMD Control Panel is a good bet too.

    Hahahahahaha, good joke man, good joke. It's like saying when I beat World of Warcraft :p

    And nobody is really forcing you to switch software. Try it out from time to time, if you'll like it you can stick to it. If you won't, stay with good old loyal Fraps :)
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  16. Thalmor Wizard

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    Buy it tomorrow from, it's on a sale [if you want a link:]. Trust me, it's a great game :D
    Remember, Skyrim was released when people weren't obsessed with their monitor refresh rates and demanding very high FPS ;) They probably thought that people wouldn't need Vsync in general, since the FPS is almost always stable if you use the right graphical quality settings.
    Thanks for suggestion, but I'll not try it, in case my GPU cries xD
    I know, but if something is not working as expected, I'll switch to something else. The chances are, I'll keep with Fraps anyway, but since I plan on doing a highly modded Skyrim series next year, I need to have a stable program with stable footage. :p

    Since I only have a few videos left for Skyrim, there's no point in me switching software at this point xD
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  18. Thalmor Wizard

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    Skyrim doesn't have Vsync support, but I do know that if you set the FPS too high, it stops working correctly, as one person demonstrated on this forum at one point in the past. ;)
  19. RobiePAX

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    Make a buggy Skyrim into even more buggy Skyrim... Then again it makes sense why devs wouldn't want people to mess with Vsync option if it could cause some new issues.

    I'll take a look at that Pharaoh game.
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  20. I'm kinda running out of patience...

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