StaxRip is not working anymore.

So I had been using StaxRip for an entire year, with no problems, and perfect quality encoding. However, I just reformatted my computer. I tried downloading StaxRip again, but now every single time I try and open something, it keeps telling me that I have to install some program called DVDecodeNV. So I go to the website and download it, and then StaxRip says that the license file cannot be found. I go back to the website and it says you can only get the license file by "donating" $15. I have tried every different format possible (DivX, X264, etc.) and this shows up every single time. I tried downloading the older 1.1.6 version, but that simply refuses to open at all.

Any idea's? Or am I forced to go look for another encoder?
That problem is gone, but now I am getting a new one. After telling me to install ffcoder and Haali Media splitter, I did. But now I'm getting an error every single time.

"Failed to open source, try a new method?"

AVISource: couldn't locate a decompressor for fourcc CFHD"

And then it just lists the video's directory. None of this happened to me last time I installed StaxRip. This is just frustrating.


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Trying to open a Fraps file?? Googling "fourcc CFHD" tells me it's a "CineForm" video, whatever that is...
Fraps videos have a fourcc identifier of "FPS1" BTW
I think the problem is because I accidently rendered the video (I'm using Vegas to edit and render) with a compressor on it. I'm doing to re-render the video's in an uncompressed format and see if that changes anything. Thank you again for the help.
Nevermind, it's still showing up even more errors. I changed the rendering to uncompressed, and it worked and let me encode. Then right at the very end, it comes up with a VirtualDub error:

Video Compression Error: The source image format is not acceptable. (error code -2)

Keep in mind that this is an .avi file. And that I used these exact same settings for the last year with no hassle at all.


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Sometimes VirtualDub has random decoding errors like that one. When that happens I just restart VirtualDub and try again...

... it comes up with a VirtualDub error:
...Virtualdub? I thought we were discussing StaxRip
DivX - MKV

Last time, I noticed that DivX Plus + MKV would sometimes screw up youtube and cause a grey screen. For some reason, DivX + MKV made it work, so I used that.

Now I'm trying it again, and it's not working.