Triple monitors, recording only the middle one.

G'day two problems that I have and seek assistance.
I use Win 8, run a program called x-Plane 11, on 3 - 4K monitors using a 1070 video card
When I record using X-Planes recorder its in widescreen, therefore when its played back on a normal monitor its letterbox and difficult to view properly.
  1. I downloaded FRAPS (Latest) and it only recorded the sound and not the picture.
  2. I downloaded the older version as I am Win8 and still the same.
4 The recorded item wont play in windows Media player or VLC media player.

What I want is something that will record video and sound at the push of a button, and allow me to only record the centre screen...
Can you help or make suggestions please.
P.S. I asked FRAPS for assistance but no one answered my request for support.
Yours aye
john Marek


Staff member
With a 1070 you should be able to use Nvidia's ShadowPlay functionality to record your game. If I remember correctly it will only record your primary monitor:
Another option is to download Open Broadcaster Software (OBS) - It works with any graphics card, not just Nvidia. While OBS is primarily focused on streaming to services like Twitch, it also has recording functionality built in. OBS gives you much more control over things compared to ShadowPlay but is a bit harder to get configured correctly:
Hope that helps!