Upside down clips when I watch them.

Hello FRAPSforum! I was wondering if you could help me with my problem? When I watch my recordings from fraps in Wondershare Video Editor my clips go upside down. what should I do?

Please respond. Thank You!
That in no way, is relevant. As the OP clearly stated, he is having the problem in a video editor. The video editor is at fault, not the videos themselves.
Um, mine does. The DivX Plus Player plays my videos upside down, yet Windows Media Player and my videos themselves are fine. Look, I'm just taking a guess here, sorry I if I imposed.


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Look, I'm just taking a guess here, sorry I if I imposed.
You are taking Shukaku's hard tone too seriously, I very much doubt his intention is to sound rude to you he rather prefers to stomp out the facts xD You proposed a theory, he explained that it's unlikely. Indeed some players may have the features to flip the playback upside-down, however such player features do not transfer over to video editor. So the chances that it's the player issue is very small :)
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This Thing Is happening with me also. Only Videos which I have recorded with fraps get inverted in filmora video editor rest all videos are all erect.