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  1. This may sound a bit strange but I have an old video game called "Wipeout XL"
    And this game runs on my PC at 200fps, which is way too fast as the game is meant to be played at 30fps.
    Their are some unofficial patches available who fix that problem, but they don't work right: they generate glitches, disable the music or don't even startup if you have the original CD inserted. :(
    I tried already to slowdown my PC with CPU killer and sort of those programs but that doesn't work too, the video card is giving problems.:mad:
    I can enable V sync but that is still twice as fast as it's meant to be played.
    Now I found FRAPS witch is able to limit the fps of my game fine, but to limit it, it always has to record a video.
    So this is my (little) request: can you make an option (or is their already one) in FRAPS to just limit my fps, so that I don't have to record a video all the time (which is completely unnecessary).
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    That is an interesting idea, it actually works when you do that?
  3. Yes, it works fine
    however, the game stutters sometimes
    but the video it creates has no stuttering at all, it looks nice, even on low quality
    but still, it's unnecessery :(
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    Can't you use the cache record where it will loop 30 seconds of recording? It's the new feature in fraps. That way you won't be taking up loads of disk space and it should still limit the fps. :)
  5. I almost forgot about my game for a few months, but to be honest, I'm just a free user...
    Can I deny fraps' access to my drive?
    I tried Drive quota, windows built in drive usage limiter, but that didn't really work, because it just logs everything instead of disabling access.
    Or can I break my system/ FRAPS/ it's codec so it won't do anything?
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    Your best bet would probably be to use the cache recording thing mentioned above, and if you don't want to constantly write to your harddrive, maybe a cheapo USB thumb drive as the destination?
  7. Hey is this loop feature only enabled in the paid version?
    I have the same request to enable the FPS limiter as an option without the video recording if possible. This helps ALOT in gaming.

    1. Is there an option already in Fraps where the video recording does not stop after 30 seconds? If it is a registered users feature, i will definitely buy fraps TODAY

    2. How high can the 'Lock FPS' feature go? I've tried it before on 120 fps (with video recording) but I'm not sure if it can go higher than that?
  8. Fraps FPS limiting feature

    I would like to use FRAPS to limit my framerate in all games. I can use the looping record/lock framerate feature and set it to 30 FPS but it has to be recording for the limit to kick in. Recording gives me random lags every 30 seconds (duration of loop recording).

    Anyone have any other option for using fraps or another program to limit FPS? As a paying member maybe they could use this as a feature suggestion?
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    Re: Fraps FPS limiting feature

    I merged your post with an existing thread, its definitely an interesting idea.
  10. Hi!

    I would LOVE to use Fraps as FPS-Limiter too!

    In some games i'm using FPSLimiter 0.2 (you'll find it by googling for it), but it's not working with every game, it's not that stable, it's not too handy to use AND it does NOT support Directx10-games(!!).

    Fraps doesnt's seem to have all this drawbacks, limiting fps works like a charme (at least fo 30 seconds ;) )

    And there are a lot of people out there that are looking for a program/tool that is able
    to limit FPS (just do a google search with "limit fps" or something like this).

    One of he reason is the fact that some games produce micro-stuttering when the amount of redndered frames are not in sync with the screen-refreshrate (or half of the screens refreshrate).
    Some people dont't mind (and dont's even notice it), but others are going crazy with that microstutering (including me).

    However..what a bother that you'll have to record video-stuff when using Fraps as fps-limiter. I would definitely buy the full version of fraps if just the little option "don't record, just limit fps" would be present, this would make me (and lots of others) really happy!

  11. This needs to happen right now.

    It sorts out sooo many problems. Apart from the previously mentioned benefits, it can also help stop stuttering and mouse lag!

    If you've ever played Doom 3, you should really try the pressing F9 until the counter turns pink. It syncs everything up perfectly so that you can play the game with Vsync on and getting no mouse lag or tearing, the "seta com_fixedTic 1" switched on for no stuttering. Without fraps orchestrating it all, those commands are useless as they cause heavy input lag. I think it's got to do with the physics engine running at 63 fps instead of 60, but I'm not sure.

    Crysis and Warhead can only limit the frame rate with a fixed time step command. So you if you implement that, and the frame rate drops below your fixed frame rate, the game slows down! Not with with fraps limiting the fps though.

    It also helps these console ports, that were really designed to run at a fixed framerate, from micro stuttering as well, when they run at a variable frame rate.

    I've got a pretty powerful rig and I don't mind physically having to go through the motions and record, but it still stutters every 30 seconds of loop recording. Sometimes I can tinker with the framerate that I'm recording at and it doesn't stutter quite to much...

    I don't know, please please please implement this as an official framerate limiter feature and not something that just happens to be a by product of recording.
  12. Huy


    Vote for this options , i have to limit fps by recording video that it's not nessesery

    Well , the game i play is Age of Empire II , Man ! it's fps always over 100fps that i can't help but using Fraps recording
  13. More reasons to need a frame rate limiter!

    OK, so I've just crossfired two radeon 5850s. Microstutter is par for the course with crossfire, as far as I'm concerned. And anyone who can't see it (when it happens) is definitely one of those people who cannot tell the difference betweeen 30fps and 60fps. It happens whenever the GPUs are running flat out at 100% at a bottleneck. Whenever that happens, the frame rate is effectively cut in half, because when the cards aren't waiting for the cpu, waiting for vsync, or waiting for a limited framerate, everything else is waiting for them. And they can't sync the frames up on the fly very well. It ends up with one card rendering the next frame so late that it's too near to the next frame which is rendered by the other card, leaving a large gap of time since the frame before that. Like I say, it's effectively like having the framerate of one card, and it renders crossfire (and sli, from what I hear) pointless whenever the GPUs are working at a 100% bottleneck, because at those times it's giving you the same frame rate that one card would.

    Anyway, if you limit the frame rate, you can have it so that the cards are working at 80% or 90%. Just as long as they don't bottleneck, it'll be fine. Infact it works perfectly when it's like that. No problems.

    So yes, this is yet another reason we need fraps to perform this action. Some games just don't have frame rate limit commands. And vsync just doesn't cut it because it causes input lag, massive frame rate drops and stuttering etc. Please please please!
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    It would be very usefull a fps limiter without recording. ;)
  15. There is an app out there that can do that already. I had to use it to get SWTFU2 running nicely, as despite being a new game its engine is capped at 30FPS, yet really screws up cutscenes with vsync on.. So to fix It i had to get a FPS-unlocker app, then re-limited it to 30fps, with vsycn on heh. Worked quite well.

    Dont think it has a website so just google it:
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    Its better to have that in an updated program like fraps. ;)

    If we could have that integrated on fraps, why not?
  17. I'm sorry, I registered just to stress this incredible issue.

    With computer increasing in power, the FPS limiter included in FRAPS with the recording is extremely versatile. It works in MANY, MANY more situations than the other FPS limiter which only works in OpenGL and Direct3D. It works perfectly, but even with the 30-sec loop recording it creates lag.

    I really want this. And I don't even see why it would be difficult in any way. Please, by all the gods, make this a reality.
  18. Registered for the same reason as the poster above. Many, many engines develop issues when framerate fluctuates (inconsistent mouse response, even game speed becoming faster or slower), so a way to limit FPS is extremely useful, and it would be excellent if it could be part of a regularly updated program.
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  20. OMG, guys!

    I don't know how long "Dxtory" has been around, but it ALREADY does this!

    Merely, download the freeware version of the program, and go to the advanced tab, then check the "limit video fps" box and set your flavour. I think Dxtory is a video recording program, much like fraps, but you don't need to record for this to work. And I think it pretty much works with everything (to be honest, I've only tried this with crysis warhead and metro 2033 so far...)

    I can't believe this has been sitting there all this time.

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