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  1. Hi...

    I recently made a FRAPS tutorial for my YouTube game review Vblog. I decided to do one as I was vexed by a audio problem with win7 and couldn't find a solution on the net. So when I figured it out I thought it would be cool to have this information logged for me or others to access latter. Also I get lots of emails asking me how I make my videos.

    Anyway here are the tutorials. I hope you like them and find them useful.


    FRAPS - Tutorial - Part 1

    This tutorial covers the basics of using FRAPS to record gamevideos.

    It also goes though the setup for allowing the recording of in game audio, or no game audio but record microphone input for live commentary, and how to set up the system for recording of in game audio and your microphone at the same time for live commentary.

    FRAPS - Tutorial - Part 2

    This tutorial will go into how to use AviDmux to encode your large FRAPS recordings into manageable and uploadable high quality lossless video files.

    It covers, Stitching multiple FRAPS recordings together, encoding options for uploading to YouTube and the use of AviDmux for resizing and colour grading and other filters.

    FRAPS - Tutorial - Part 3
    (Encoding Continued + Sound Mixing)

    This tutorial continues with some recording options as well as begins to talk about Audio Mixing.

    It covers splitting a large file into 10 minute sections ready for upload to YouTube. The use of AviDmux's batch system for quing multiple video encoding jobs so you can go to sleep while your computer encodes, demonstrating the contrast filter as well as starting to explain a slightly different encoding options needed to make sound mixing more efficient.

    FRAPS - Tutorial - Part 4
    (Sound Mixing of CD Audio Tracks and Gameplay sounds)

    This video is the final video in my tutorial series. It talks about how to mix CD Quality audio tracks or commentary recorded after the fact directly into your video so you hear it and the original game audio.

    This covers the use of AviDmux's copy function to transfer video or audio data in and out of files in a lossles way that requires no encoding, How to use FooBar2000 to rip audio CDs into wav files. How to use Audacity to record game commentary after the fact. load game audio and a CD track, or commentary and then mix them so both are clear and audible. Also I quickly over view some effects in audacity like fad in and out to give your audio a nicer feeling and remove harsh "cut offs" in the audio. Finally I show you how to use AviDmux to inject the new mixed audio into your encoded files with out the need to re-encode your video data.


    That is it!! Wow.. this small project ended up being a lot more complicated than I though.. but it is done now.. so .. well.. yea.. I hope you like it.

    Please sub my YouTube chan if you think this was helpful...

    Have fun and Stay Safe
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  2. I had NO idea about that 30 second record thing. Thanks for that btw.. anyhow.. how you'd you fix this. I'm looking for a fast or easy way. only because I would have to do it a lot.
  3. funny... you should have been notified though the mailing list when the new version came out assuming you have a legit version... .. .
  4. How do I get the x264 codec? I tried installing it but a CMD window pops up for less than a second and then nothing else happens.
  5. I installed it, but x264 still doesn't appear in AviDemux. Any other ideas?
  6. weird... post a screenshot so I can see.. I find this hard to believe.
  7. ciarlo2006

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    It is 720p :p.

    I'd love to help but I've never used avidemux.

    Maybe there is a plugin folder for it that you have to put the x264.exe into or something.
  8. that is really wierd... mabey it is a diffrent version of avidmux... I am using 2.5.2.. the x264 codec is under the "MPEG4 - AVC".. witch I can see in your video... . . .

    Are you using a 32 or 64 bit os.. as there is a 64bit codec pack you need to install form k-lite as well as the 32 bit pack... I always install the "full" version and in my case the 64bit version.

    You best bet is to go the and post in the avidmux section. This is a site dedicated to encoding.
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    Bump for great justice. Excellent tutorial. I learned a few things.

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