VirtualDub: save direct to MP4 (Fraps to YouTube) with external encoders

well thank you ,raffriff I was Trying your Zip File Content Unziped but my VD i Have it in my G: Drive ,Drop the External Encoder Folder in The VD Directory so I Try a Couple of rendering a Video and i Get a Message Like This:

Hope You Can Help Me. Thank You... HoPe Im In The Right Place for This


Does anyone know why VirtualDub outs YV12 Rec.601 video to external encoders only? It's a real shame that it's not possible to change that. Lossless RGB for external encoder is not possible for that reason. :(
I tried to save an MP4 (x264 ) but with direct video stream copy, since i want only to proccess audio volume.
It fails. Is there any trick?

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Sorry, it appears @raffriff no longer visits the forum at this time and I don't use VirtualDub so I cannot help. You are probably going to find it easier to just use a proper video editor (even something as basic as Windows Movie Maker [for Windows 7 and higher] will work) to edit your videos, at least until @raffriff returns to the site.

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@Robert84 Raffriff no longer visits this forum, or supports any of his scripts. I recommend utilising an actual video editing program for editing up files, and OBS Studio for any recordings you may wish to do. There are several free video editors out there which will be easier to use and be more maintained than the scripts detailed here.
Hallo also i need help if anybody have the file from (Post #48) exacly RaffRiffs External Encoder Files
Because this link is dead :(

I know Raffriff is not longer here, but anyone has save the files so I and others can try at our own risk. because the explanation i think is quite clear to follow the Raffriff work. so anyone can reupload the batch file to help us solve our problem. I already succeed with one file process but no the batch file. So any help will be much appreciate.

So Much Thanks before. :):):)
Waiting for a help......:)

I try to export mts file using method from first post, but I got this error.
How to fix that?

Can I use 64-bit x264 with 32-bit Vdub?

I put together a VirtualDub zip file with all the necessary codecs and other files to open most or all video formats, compress using divx video codecs and mp3 audio codecs, and output to MP4 file format.

If there is any interest, I will create a README and upload the file somewhere.