VirtualDub: save direct to MP4 (Fraps to YouTube) with external encoders

Discussion in 'Video Encoding' started by raffriff, Jan 18, 2013.

  1. well thank you ,raffriff I was Trying your Zip File Content Unziped but my VD i Have it in my G: Drive ,Drop the External Encoder Folder in The VD Directory so I Try a Couple of rendering a Video and i Get a Message Like This:[​IMG]
    Hope You Can Help Me. Thank You... HoPe Im In The Right Place for This

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  2. never mine i got it goin it was a simple fix, Thank You Anyways...:)
  3. Does anyone know why VirtualDub outs YV12 Rec.601 video to external encoders only? It's a real shame that it's not possible to change that. Lossless RGB for external encoder is not possible for that reason. :(
  4. Hi
    I tried to save an MP4 (x264 ) but with direct video stream copy, since i want only to proccess audio volume.
    It fails. Is there any trick?
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    Sorry, it appears @raffriff no longer visits the forum at this time and I don't use VirtualDub so I cannot help. You are probably going to find it easier to just use a proper video editor (even something as basic as Windows Movie Maker [for Windows 7 and higher] will work) to edit your videos, at least until @raffriff returns to the site.
  6. Hi everyone, I have a little problem. Can someone help me?!

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  7. Sorry for spam, but i cannot see where is edit button.

    MP4Box.exe was corrupted. now everthing is fine.

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