Weird file corruption

I have recorded a 1 hr session of a game but during that session the game crashed first but i uswd task manager to turn off fraps first before the game then the game then turned on fraps and the game everything seemed to function normal till a couple secs later the game froze and didnt seem to recover so i did the same as before then i turned it back on continued as normal but stopped early because i got kind of angry. Now i am putting the "clips" together 2 file from the session have the correct size 3gb and 3.9gb blah blah blah but it has no duration i notice this in file explorer(windows) and in windows media player is it a problem that can be fixed or is it a done deal. (yes the file does function but their is no duration)

Thalmor Wizard

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If a file is corrupted, it really isn't recoverable. Many sites "claim" to repair broken files, but they do not work and are fake: a file that is corrupted is not recoverable in any way at all. I would recommend using something like OBS Studio, which is far less prone to corrupted files and has a lot more configuration settings over Fraps.